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Jul 26, 2007 10:21 PM

Malatesta...I almost forgot!

I just wanted to say that I totally forgot about Malatesta on Greenwich street for years. Tonight I went with a friend and was reminded how amazing their Spaghetti Alla Chitarra was. Beautiful lush tomatoes and chewy delicious mozzerella with homemade spaghelli. Mouthwatering! Our two meals and a nice bottle of Chardonnay was $50 total! A great deal, sweet staff, and wonderful food. I'm going to make the trek to get there more often. I hope other hounders have had great experiences there too...

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  1. Agree it's a solid place. I think it gets plenty of love on this board. My SIL lived in the Archive so it was a frequent spot - she just moved, but I'd make it a destination from time to time.

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    1. re: harrison

      Is it a difficult place to get a table for dinner on the weekend?

      1. re: dergib

        It's best to have a reservation on the weekend, and even from Weds night on when the weather is nice.

        1. re: dergib

          They only take reservation for 3 or more. We went last night around 8 and there was no problem getting a table (inside or out). Around 9 it got busier, so call ahead of you can, if not the wait is never that bad.

      2. I read a lot about the Spaghetti dish.
        Any thoughts on the meat dishes?

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        1. re: RCC

          Lamb chops (as mentioned on some other threads) are terrific...