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Jul 26, 2007 10:03 PM

Recommendations for Cuban food in Sea?

Just moved here from LA and have missed Versailles, the cuban chain down there...Is there any sort of similar cuban restaurant in Seattle? People have recommended Mojito Cafe, but it didn't really stand up very well. Anyone from LA know what I'm talking about?!

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  1. Alas, no such sit-down restaurants, at least that I'm aware of. Paseo is basically a take out place (but highly recommended). Is the Versailles chain you refer to come out of Miami? There was a Cuban place by that name there where I've had several good meals.

    1. Pao is right. Paseo is great for sandwiches(not pressed), but no full-on restaurant in or near Seattle. We take a food trip to Portland every few months and Pambiche is one of our regulars. Great Cuban!

      1. I know what you're talking about and unfortunately I have yet to find something comparable. I miss the oxtail there. Paseo isn't bad, but it's not Versailles...

        1. I forgot about Alebrije in the Roosevelt District. Part Mexican, part Cuban. Won't be like Versailles, but so far as I know, it's the best you can do around here for a sit down meal. It was tasty, but the menu of Cuban items won't be as extensive as you'd probably like.

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            There's a new Mexican/Cuban place in Lynnwood (Don Chuy), but its focus is delivery.

          2. La Casa del Mojito on Lake City Way has all sorts of Latin American food. Much of it seemed like what I had had in Ecuador, but some of it was labeled 'cuban' or 'columbian' soooo...yeah, its an option

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              I believe the OP has already tried Mojito Cafe (aka La Casa del Mojito) and didn't care for it.

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                No, Mojito Cafe is downtown. It used to be located on Lake city way, it moved and a new group took it over. That is La Casa. Different restaurant.

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                  Hmmm, I'd been told they were the same owners. I didn't realize someone else took over the Lake City location.

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                    I haven't been to either in awhile, but I was under the impression that there are two similarly-named Cuban-style places, as mentioned above. I really liked the one on Lake City--they had a great cuban sandwich--the perfect blending of herbs, pork, cheese, and ham, while the one downtown was greasy(food) and snotty(service). I've heard great things about Paseo, but haven't yet tried it yet. Hmmm...i wonder if they're open for dinner?

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                      Yes, Paseo is open for dinner =) Closed Mon and Sun.