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Jul 26, 2007 08:53 PM

Tourist Staying At the Clift on Geary...Suggestions??

Hey hounds..
Coming into town tommorrow..
Staying at the Clift, on Geary...

Can you recommend a few cool places around there...for dinner/drinks..
I like everything, all kinds of food..mainly looking for a good hip place for late dinner, cool crowd, ambience...

Cheers in advance...

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  1. It's gone downhill a bit but you can try Le Colonial. Stop in for drinks at the bar then you can decide if you want to stay if the ambiance pleases you. Your hotel is also quite the spot for drinks.

    1. What time do you mean by "late"?

      1. Scalas on Powell . Need reservations.

        1. Cortez across the street and up half a block is open till 10:30 for dinner, 1 am for drinks, if that is late enough for you. I think of it as 'hip' (way more so than Scala's, for example) but I may be the wrong person to judge on that issue...

          For a drink, you can't beat the ambiance in the Redwood Room in your hotel.

          You might also consider the raw bar at the Hotel Monaco in the next block. Don't know how late they are open though.