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Great Jewish restaurant in Montreal??

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I'm essentially eating a pareve diet [no meat/milk] at the moment. I also have reservations at Au Pied de Cochon for next week which I'm re-thinking (unfortunately!!). I'm able to eat eggs and white fish (no shell fish). Can anyone please suggest a restaurant that might be accommodating or have some options for me? I don't have a particular atmosphere or price point in mind, but I'd prefer something like an alternative to Au Pied de Cochon. There must be something. I'd rather not go to an all-out vegetarian resto as my husband does not have the same dietary restrictions; it's our only night in Montreal.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I love all cuisines, but in this case I'd prefer something that's not Asian in nature [which is why I thought a strict Jewish restaurant might be appropriate]. Any suggestions are more than welcome though.

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  1. Hmm - what about Lebanese, Israeli, or other Middle Eastern cuisine? You could have something like falafel, hummus, salads, etc. and your husband could have some brochette, shish taouk, or the like? I haven't been yet myself, but I've heard wonderful things about Le Petit Alep (Sryian, I believe) right near the Jean-Talon Market, which you could also check out while you're in the 'hood! There is also Chez Benny (Israeli) on Queen Mary, but it might be a little more casual. Enjoy your stay!

    Petit Alep (Le)
    191 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S8, CA

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      Yes, I was thinking Sephardic or other Mediterranean cuisine. Most of the Ashkenazi Jewish restaurants in Montréal (except the dairy ones, obviously), are very meat-centred.

      Petit Alep was closed when I cycled by yesterday afternoon (and their wee terrasse is usually packed). Think they are on holiday now.

    2. If you're looking for a good meal, Brunoise just might be an option - they have a few salmon-based seafood dishes on their menu at the moment - you can check out their menus online and see if they fit the bill - http://www.brunoise.ca/eng/about.html. It's a little fancier than Pied de Cochon, but not too different in price (possibly even less expensive).

      1. Not that I've been there but last year the reliable Maeve Haldane gave a thumb-up to downtown's gourmet kosher restaurant Eden. www.hour.ca/food/food.aspx?iIDArticle...

        And while you've listed quite the set of restrictions -- no meat, no dairy, no shellfish, no dark fish, no Asian -- you should still be able to cobble together a decent meal at many of the smaller market-driven places around town. For example, I just checked the online menus on the Brunoise and Au cinquième péché websites and both would appear to be viable, provided you're willing to settle for a limited range of choices. In any case, you're best off checking when you make your reservation and double-checking when ordering (that's especially true at APDC, where meat stock and pork often find their way into dishes where you wouldn't necessarily expect to them to be in).

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          Eden closed several months ago

        2. Thanks everyone. Too bad Le Petit Alep may be closed. I've bookmarked all of your suggestions though. And yes, this diet is very restrictive (and temporary I hope!!). It's recent, so it pains me to cancel our reservations at APdC. I'm getting more excited about other options though now!

          Any thoughts on:
          Ferreira Café?
          Leméac? [The salmon sounds divine! I may just say screw it and go with a dark fish if we end up here.]