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Jul 25, 2007 08:38 PM

Chowdown Report: La Texanita in Santa Rosa

Note: this thread was split by the Chowhound Team from an earlier thread:

Six Sonoma County chowhounds (and two guests) chowed down at La Texanita (1667 Sebastopol Road) in Santa Rosa today.

Well, some of us our chowpuppies. Several said this was their first chowdown and first chance to meet some of the locals who post on these boards. We missed other locals including eat_nopal and Melanie Wong, though we all agreed she mysteriously appears to eat everywhere. :


Melanie suggested getting a copy of the menu & posting what folks ordered -

Kare_Risu & I ate alike - carnitas sopes and tostada de ceviche -no we didn't consult
LikeFrogButOooh - Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
Homer&Satchi - Mojarro Frita o'Zarandeada
ChocolateNinja - fish tacos, carnitas taco and tripe taco
Inat - ate a little something and took home a big box of takeout

It's up to each person to review their own food & experience and to divulge their names, if they wish.

This wasn't easy food to share - tiny tacos on handmade tortillas ($2) bulged with fillings as did the sopes. The ceviche tostadas ($3) crackled & crumbled, tossing ceviche - I found them a bit bland, but with the avocado salsa, they perked up. The huarache I had recently was even better than today's selection - the handmade corn masa base with the carnitas was exceptional.

The plates at $12 were huge and the Mojarra, a large, whole fish, was fried - tasted succulent, not greasy or dried...again, we'll wait for the final report.

Nobody ordered tortas, quesadillas or burritos and there were at least 13 seafood options we skipped too. On weekends Birria, Menudo, Barbacoa and Pozole are added to the menu. The waitress said the chile rellanos and enchiladas were very good & I was half tempted by the fajitas and chilaquiles.
The menu was recently revised and reprinted on plastic, a slick uptown look. And the two jumbo tvs continuously run music videos without sound.

We could have been better chowhounds by eating our way through the entire menu, each person sampling one bite. But, we were there to meet one talk foodtalk, compare notes, share histories and future dreams.

While Sonoma County is a tourist destination for folks from around the world (including chowfolks), the locals are loosely organized and many haven't met yet. Hopefully future chowdowns will draw both locals (including us chowpuppies) and chowhounds from the region and beyond.


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  1. Photos!

    I have pics as well of people, but wanted to get the permission of everyone who was there before I posted them publicly. If anyone doesn't want their pretty face shown to the world, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll put up the people pics tomorrow.

    I had a terrific time meeting y'all and munchin' on great food. I'm trying to remember the food so I can describe it, but my memory is a bit muddled from my nervousness at meeting new people. However, my fish tacos were the best I've ever had, so mouthwateringly delicious! I went out on a bit of a limb, and tried the tripe taco. Supertasty as well. The tripe bits were crisp and slighty sweet from whatever they used to cook it. Not greasy, but crisp, clean and juicy flavours. Even better than the carnitas taco I had, which was also tasty.

    And guess where I went to dindin tonight! *gryn* I'm so hopped up on horchata I could run a marathon. HAH. Turns out my SO knew about this place while it was still a taco truck, and often visits for lunch, so after he heard about my lunch experience, he figured it was the perfect spot for bite to eat after a longish day at work. My sister was visiting for the evening so we dragged her along as well. She got very excited about having decent horchata. :P I ended up downing more tacos with various meaty bits of goodness and the homemade tortillas (heavenly!), and tried a carnitas sope. YUM. Got a bit of flan to take home, which was very dense and creamy but with not a lot of the caramely sauce that you often get with flan. It was quite delish, though.

    I look forward to future SR chow meetups. You guys/gals are a fun group to hang out with.

    1. I actually ordered the sope with picadillo - which is probably my favorite antojito / corn masa based snack / ' little whim' there. I dont know what it is about that wonderful saucy picadillo with diced veggies but the corn cake is the perfect foil for it.

      I went to El Rey Pakal the night previous and was stuffed to the gills - hence the 'light' ordering on my part.

      Homer. ordered the mojarra frita - whole fried talapia -- '"zarendeada" was the other prepartation available which I have had and wrote about.

      I am pretty jealous of the bravery of chocolateninja's choice in ordering the tripa taco - they are cute litte 1 dollar tacos!

      Likefrog - I would like to hear your opinon of the Horchata as I have yet to try it. Considering that they shell their tamarind pods - no doubt is it homemade.

      I think that the huaraches at Texanita are a great symphony of different textures and tastes - they are truly wonderful as my guests attested to in their prompt polishing off.

      The beans at Texanita are not for the light-hearted - they are almost white and possess that spectacular smokey porky flavor if you catch my drift! I could make a meal out of the rice beans, and tortillas alone.

      1. Thanks for the great reports, y'all! Glad your first chowdown went well.

        In the future, though, could you start a new thread for the reports?

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler


          Of course. Any other tips on chowdowns & reports?


          1. re: Stephanie Sugars

            I'm surprised Ruth didn't tell you about her taco kit she keeps in the car and how to surgically dissect a $1 taco to feed six.

            It is really nice to see a Chowhound community developing in that area. Looking forward to more reports.

            Previous reports;

            Antojitos La Texanita
            1667 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

        2. Stephanie and the group, thanks for the report and sharing your photos. Most of all, I appreciate your spirit of discovery and good times around the table, as that's what chowdowns are all about. Sorry I missed this one and hope to see/eat with you sometime soon.

          P.S. I've sent a note to the Mods asking them to split off the report to a new thread.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks Melanie for helping to untangle our knotted threads! Also for keeping the chowhound spirit alive in so many places. It will be interesting to watch the Sonoma County scene unfold. So many locals post - who are they? Putting faces to the names, adding voices and sharing food does take it to a new level.

          2. I have a confession: I'm more of a fruitie than I am a foodie. And as great as the meal was at La Texanita, the one item I can't get out of my mind are the plums that Stephanie brought to share. She had picked them from the tree earlier in the day and they were AMAZING. She said they smelled like perfume when you bite into them, and, sure enough, that is the best way to describe them: like this amazing, sweet yet fresh and bright perfume. Stephanie, could you please, please, please find out what variety those are? I must find more!!!

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            1. re: Inat

              Similar sentiment here - amazing aroma, taste -revelation

              1. re: Inat

                Inat- send a 1-to-1 email. I think I can help you out. Reply soon - Stephanie

                1. re: Inat

                  I'm thinking about doing the u-pick at Andy's orchard in the south bay this weekend, and came across their handy calendar of what ripens when:


                  Obviously this is a totally different source but Andy's apparently grows the more flavorful heirloom varieties, and according to that list they could be Laroda or Padre.