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Jul 26, 2007 06:52 PM

NEPA - which Abe's is best?

I'm heading up to W-B and was told that I can't leave without a couple of Abe's dogs with sauce. Which one should I go to - Barney St., Main St. or Kingston? Is there a difference? Are they all owned by the same folks?

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  1. I think Ferris's "Barney St Lunch" (in Wilkes-Barre) has better dogs than Abes.

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    1. re: Hank1

      Thanks for the tip, Hank, but it would make someone very special to me happier if I went to one of the Abe's locations.

      1. re: Hank1

        Abe's is on S. Main St. not Main. I always drank chocolate milk with my dogs. It's a tradition back when my father was a young man and I was a boy in the early fifties.

      2. The one on Main St. is a separate business from all the rest.

        The Barney St. location is the main location of the "mini-chain", which includes stores in Kingston, Mountaintop, W-B/Bus. Rt. 309, and maybe one or 2 others. IMO, the Barney St. Abes are better than the Main St. restaurant.

        1. The last few times I've had Abe's, in more than one location, the chili sauce has had a disturbing gritty texture. Very much like there was sand in it. I haven't said anything to them, but I'm not sure I'll go back.

          1. Update - the Main St. location was closed for vacation, so I stopped at the Kingston one. Two dogs with sauce, mustard and onions. So simple, but so good! I wanted to take home a jar of the sauce, but my lack of a cooler prevented it. I didn't detect any of the gritty texture described here.

            Also, I had some fantastic pizza at the Victory Pig in Wyoming (the highlight of my trip) and a really good barbeque sandwich at Stookey's. Good eating all weekend.

            1. The one on Main St is good and the Barney St lunch is also good. I like them both but you have make that decision. I think they are own by different family members. My old boss researched the best hot dog chilli an they said Coney Island. But if you can't get it Abe's is the next.