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Jul 26, 2007 06:42 PM

Upper West Side - Quiet Restaurant?

I'm looking for a quiet place, medium-priced on the UWS. Around 86th St. would be best. Maybe Italian, but not necessarily.

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  1. I really like Popovers, which everyone thinks of for breakfast/brunch but which has other things on the menu.

    1. The first two places that come to mind are Telepan and Ouest...but that's a little bit of a walk from 86th. What about Spiga on 84th (between amsterdam and broadway)? UWS is tough!

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      1. re: ajgnet

        I'm not sure I'd call Ouest quiet. And probably not medium priced for that matter.

        Maybe something like Dean's Pizza (85th between bwy/amster) - not that expensive, pizza/pasta/entrees are reasonable. Space is nice with very high ceilings.

        1. re: harrison

          I found Dean's Pizza to be extremely noisy-- at least in the large space towards the back. If you can sit outside or near the bar you may be able to carry on a conversation.

          1. re: Seth

            Thanks Seth - good to know. I was there lunch time and it was pretty empty - and sat outside to boot. although i did like eating outside and not sucking too much exhaust!

        1. I agree with the Popover's recommendation. Another excellent option is La Mirabelle on 86th and Columbus.

          1. Neptune Room on Amsterdam btw 84th & 85th or Sarabeth's on Amsterdam & 81st which is very quiet @ dinner. Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam & 83rd. Bettola is good on Amsterdam & 81st as well. Can't stand Spiga so I won't recommend it. Dean's is great but as someone posted not very quiet. Same w/Celeste & Gennaro's. Good luck...