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Upper West Side - Quiet Restaurant?

I'm looking for a quiet place, medium-priced on the UWS. Around 86th St. would be best. Maybe Italian, but not necessarily.

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  1. I really like Popovers, which everyone thinks of for breakfast/brunch but which has other things on the menu.

    1. The first two places that come to mind are Telepan and Ouest...but that's a little bit of a walk from 86th. What about Spiga on 84th (between amsterdam and broadway)? UWS is tough!

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        I'm not sure I'd call Ouest quiet. And probably not medium priced for that matter.

        Maybe something like Dean's Pizza (85th between bwy/amster) - not that expensive, pizza/pasta/entrees are reasonable. Space is nice with very high ceilings.

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          I found Dean's Pizza to be extremely noisy-- at least in the large space towards the back. If you can sit outside or near the bar you may be able to carry on a conversation.

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            Thanks Seth - good to know. I was there lunch time and it was pretty empty - and sat outside to boot. although i did like eating outside and not sucking too much exhaust!

        1. I agree with the Popover's recommendation. Another excellent option is La Mirabelle on 86th and Columbus.

          1. Neptune Room on Amsterdam btw 84th & 85th or Sarabeth's on Amsterdam & 81st which is very quiet @ dinner. Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam & 83rd. Bettola is good on Amsterdam & 81st as well. Can't stand Spiga so I won't recommend it. Dean's is great but as someone posted not very quiet. Same w/Celeste & Gennaro's. Good luck...

            1. I really like Spiga and try to get there every time they change the menu.. Its normally once a season.. Creative Italian Food.. They try things there that are a little outside of what you would expect.. Also the place is dark and quiet, might be romantic with the right person..

              Check them out on menu pages to see if the price works for you..

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              1. How 'bout Louies on the northeast corner of Amsterdam at 81st?

                1. Agree with Mirabelle post below. Was there several months ago and it is terrific food, nothing flashy, comfortable surroundings but not dowdy.