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Jul 26, 2007 05:09 PM

Trader Joe's Queens update

Drove by today and the building is done but still no sign for Trader Joe's (Just Michael's upstairs and Staples). I pulled around to the side and saw a plumber and asked him if they are still opening a Trader Joe's on the site. He said yes, and that it should be open within a couple of weeks.

Then as I drove by there were two hand-painted signs for the delivery trucks at the loading dock: one for Staples and one for Trader Joe's!!

So excited.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Looked on TJ's website and couldn't find anything. Where in Queens is a TJ supposed to be opening?

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      1. re: skinnytail

        It's in rego park on the corner of Metropolitan and Woodhaven boulevards. It's never been on the TJ's site but it's been in the works for a while. Was supposed to open in the Spring. I asked the manager at a TJ's in Massachusetts last time I was there and he said it hadn't opened yet, was delayed.

        Here's the developer's site:

        1. re: skinnytail

          I remember I couldn't find any info on the Trader Joe's in Union Square on the website before it opened, so I wasn't too worried about any Forest Hills info. Though i was scared to see only a Michael's and Staples' signs when I drove by it a few days ago. So, I'm very glad to hear this update

        2. This is so exciting! I was just starting to lose heart in this neighborhood (well, I'm in Ridgewood near Forest and Metro) when I heard about this in the first place...and then, when it never showed up on their site, even more so.....but seeing the construction and new signs as I've gone to Home Depot has reinvigorated me.....I can't wait!

          The Amish Market has seemed really tired the last few times I've been there.....

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          1. re: BackyardChef

            Rumor is Trader Joe's might be coming to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside. TJ's is talking about taking one of the new stores that is being built now.

            1. re: grindy1

              I have heard that rumor too and was waiting to see if anyone here has heard it too. i went to the movies there last night and they are sure are doing alot of construction. I hope it is true. We love TJ.

              1. re: grindy1

                yess!! we need TJ in Bayside!!! hopefully they will carry two buck chuck. havent had it yet!

                1. re: nyc44

                  The TJ's on Long Island do not carry 2 buck Chuck. You need a separate license and door entrance to sell liquor in NY State.

                  1. re: Afikoman

                    My understanding is that NY state law does not allow an owner to operate more than 1 liquor/wine store. This goes for corporations as well as individuals. TJ's already has a wine store in Manhattan, so if I understand correctly, they can't open others.

                    1. re: Joe MacBu

                      Hmmm - but the Long Island store was open way before the downtown store, wasn't it? And it was opened without a wine store.

                      1. re: krissywats

                        If you had to pick one and only one location for a TJ's wine store statewide, where would you put it? At a standard suburban location that does well or at one of the urban locations that are flat-out mobbed?

                        1. re: hatless

                          Well after much searching to find the answer it seems as if the law that you must have a separate entrance for a wine shop is more likely than that any one organization is only allowed one license (that just didn't sound right to me). I read through several laws on this site and found nothing saying that:


                          (Interestingly - there actually IS a license for selling both beer and wine in a grocery store which you rarely see. (TJs in union square specifically has beer in the grocery store and wine in the wine shop, but chooses to not have even beer in any of their other stores in New York - as noted on their website)


                          However - there is a lot of information on the legal site and would be easy to miss. So I looked around and found several 'chain' wine shops right in the city:

                          Best Cellars NY and Best Cellars UWS
                          Vintage New York Soho and Vintage New York UWS (and a Hudson Valley Location)

                          You're probably right that they decided to use their money towards creating a huge store with a separate entrance in the place where they would make the most money (Union Square) but it doesn't look like that has anything to do with the licensing, which is what I was questioning. My guess is that it's also quite difficult to get a license in New York and because of the # of people applying, they are expensive or scarce.

              2. re: BackyardChef

                Thats good new for me I live in Middle Village now.

              3. Here are the floorplans for the Trader Joe's in Forest Hills. The thing that is disappointing, is that it only half a floor:

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                1. re: yongjoo

                  Thanks for that. The building does look huge though, so hopefully it'll still be a 'normal' TJ's size. I imagine it'll be like the TJ's I've been to in Boston.

                  I just hope they have those dry, salted, granny smith apples!!

                  1. re: bugleg

                    That's the exact sign I was referring to! thanks for that.