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Jul 26, 2007 04:57 PM

good veggie tacos with refried beans, sour cream and good salsa

not the bitter kind at baja fresh. with some flavor. i eat at el gallo giro in santa ana today. ok. at least i tasted the tamarind juice. accidentally gave me meat. plus taquitos, not traditional hard tacos. I'm in Irvine but tustin, santa ana is fine. maybe i'm looking for a gringofied taco. honestly the ones my college dining hall served were fine with me. too bad i dont live near there.

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  1. It's rather far from you but La Cabanita has some really good vegetarian tacos. The are soft tacos with black beans, as opposed to refried. They come with guac, I think that they might have some crema on them and the salsa is really good.