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Jul 26, 2007 04:17 PM

Fare Bistro, Citizen, or Pop Bistro?

These are the three places in neighbourhood that I haven't visited for brunch yet. I plan to go to one this weekend - which would you recommend? Is there a particular brunch item you love?

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  1. I went to Fare Bistro recently (yearning for a Verviene patio brunch) and was very disappointed ... limited selection, no latte/ capuccino (out of order), small, small portions (not even a crumb of bread accompaniment) and not much ambiance. We were rushed in and out in 40 minutes and the restaurant was largely empty. My dinner experience was similar. I am surprised, being an original fan and regular customer of Le Select. After brunch we took a stroll and a had brief tour of the Citizen. It's menu looked great and the ambiance a bit more upbeat. I have heard good things about Pop Bistro.

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      I agree, Fare Bistro is a total disappointment. And a real shame, I wanted so much for it to be sucessful...we could certainly use a good n'hood bistro. From day one, it seems they weren't able to get it together. I laughed about your comment on the bread Lizzie. When we went for dinner opening week, the bread basket contained stale bread from what seemed like IGA. Really sad. I figured coming from LeSelect, it had serious potential.

    2. Of those three The Citizen without question. Had an excellent meal there a few weeks back and will definitely return.

      Fare Bistro was just ok (nice apps, mains were so-so) but a bit pricey for what you get. Haven't been to Pop but generally heard mixed reviews.

      Oh... just noticed you were asking about brunch. Haven't been to any of the three for brunch but I would still recommened The Citizen based on the strength of our meal there. Let us know where you go and how it is.

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        I need to write an actual review of my dinner at Pop but it was very definitely a "mixed" experience.

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          I totally disagree. Fare bistro was great for me. Friendly service a great meal. The sweetbreads were great as well as goat cheese appetizer that great. They aren't reinventing the wheel... just perfecting the classics. Great wine list too.

      2. I've never been to Fare and have only been to Citizen for dinner, but I really enjoyed the brunch I had at Pop several weeks back. I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich that was served on a croissant, my dining partner had eggs benedict (perhaps some fancy version, I don't recall). Both served with big heaps of lightly dressed greens and frites. The servings were a bit too large for me, really. The menu selection was limited, standard for that sort of place, the service was excellent, and prices weren't cheap (all of this probably comparable to what you would find at Citizen, excepting perhaps the service).

        Overall, it was a positive experience and made me want to return for lunch or dinner.