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Jul 26, 2007 03:39 PM

Food preparations for Burning Man

I'm going to Burning Man again this year (can't wait!), but unlike last year my camp will not be providing meals for everyone. I don't even cook for myself at home, let alone have the equipment or know-how to cook for myself in the middle of the desert.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do? I'll have access to a cooler and an unlimited quantity of ice, but I'll have no fire or grill on which I can prepare meals. I'd prefer to not eat protein bars all week :(

Thank you!

Edit: I will be bringing any trash I produce back out with me at the end of the week, so cans and packaging must be at a minimum (preferably eschewed altogether).

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  1. Take:

    1. lots of fruit, especially citrus
    2. granola & UHT packs of milk
    3. cooked stuff in containers: rice and beans; chili; sliced meats; shredded chicken (and sauces for the latter two) and more
    4. raisins, dried fruit, cured meats
    5. Since you don't cook a little CH heresy might be in order: selected canned goods like black beans, chili, ravioli, corn, ...

    Life would get simpler if you also take along a single-burner propane cannister stove, a pot, a knife, a small cutting board. Being able to make rice or pasta would be a plus. A pan for eggs and hash browns. Heating up food would be a plus.

    1. If you like Indian food those Tasty Bite meals are shelf stable, nutritious and very tasty. TJs also sells shelf stable cooked brown rice for a complete meal.
      Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, jerky.
      Powdered soups and (eeeek!) instant pot noodles
      Lots of Emergen-C sachets
      Corn tortillas have a surprisingly long shelf life
      Cereal, crackers with hard cheese, cookies and other carby goodness
      Some canned stuff is alright - beans, tuna etc

      *edit Just noted that you'll have lots of ice! You can make/buy some prepared foods that keep well, such as couscous salad, quinoa pilaf, pasta/potato salad (no mayo so it keeps longer) and cooked beans, corn etc.

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        Tasty Bites and cous cous were the bomb when I went to Burning Man. So easy (just boil in the bag) and clean up was a breeze. Great suggestion. Pull them out of the box when packing and you can fit a lot with little trash for when you do hit the Playa.

        Oops, just realized you'll have no heat. Seriously, get a little single burner stove. Well worth it. If you can handle it cold, Tasty Bites are fully cooked.

      2. Stuff you don't have to chill or heat at all: Trail mix, nuts, and dried fruits in ziplock bags. Beef or turkey jerky. Granola/energy bars. Hard salami sticks.

        You will want lots of water. Bring gallon jugs if possible.

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          1. Hey PJ! We are heading to Buring Man for the 1st time this year! We will have an rv, cooler space and cooking surfaces. I see that folks are recommending fruits and cheeses - can they really last out there? I am assuming the Bread will have a shelf life of 20 minutes. In short - what have you eaten in the past??