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Happy Hours on the Westside with Free/Cheap food?

Besides Il Moro, Q's, and McCormick & Schmick's, what other places on the Westside have free or deeply discounted appetizers during Happy Hour? Thanks!

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  1. Border Grill has discounted food and drink specials..

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      Border Grill has a great happy hour. Those corn tamales, sweet potato fries and quesadillas mixed with margaritas and mojitos. What more could you ask for after a hard day at work? Also, you can order from the full lunch or dinner menu from the bar. Great spot with good food and very friendly service.

    2. World Cafe - free personal pizza with each drink ordered

      Baja Cantina - Unlimited free chips and salsa

      Rick's Tavern - free tacos on Fridays

      Vinum Populi - free tapas-style spread on the bar.

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        Here's a link to a few good threads, I love the new search features!


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          I think World Cafe actually charges around $1 per pizza now. Still very cheap, but no longer *free*.

        2. Grand Lux has discounted food, similar to what McCormick and Schmick's offers price-wise.

          Acapulco has free food during their happy hour.

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            Grand Lux- really? The one at the Beverly Center right?

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              Yep. Some of their main dishes, just scaled down a little if I remember correctly. Like, instead of a burger, you get three or four sliders.

          2. Brennan's - all apps 1/2 off 5-7pm

            Busby's - all apps 1/2 off 4-7pm

            La Vecchia - either free or discounted food at the bar, not sure which... 5-7pm

            The Arsenal - haven't been in over a year, but last time I was there, they had all the food discounted before 7pm, it's really yummy food too especially the sliders

            4089 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

            Busby's Restaurant Bar
            3110 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

            La Vecchia Cucina Restaurante
            2654 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

            Arsenal Bar
            12008 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

            1. cozymels in el segundo has a happy hour menu with cheap food.

              1. Since you didn't specify that it also had to be good...there's always Q's free spread!

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                  haha. you beat me to it. nothing better to go with cheap beer than free "not so great tasting" fried foods.

                  but i still rock it from time to time. =)

                2. The Belmont
                  Nic's in BH
                  Ocean Ave Seafood
                  The Continental
                  Cabo Cantina
                  Chaya Venice
                  San Francisco Saloon
                  Red Rock

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                    Great list! Do you know what specials they have at Warszawa? Love that place. And which Rockenwagner do you mean?

                    1. re: hrhboo

                      Santa Monica
                      Continental was on Wilshire.
                      Warszawa has apps on special I believe IIRC.

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                        Thanks! I've been meaning to go back to Warszawa for a while.

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                      I think Rockewagner and The Continental are both closed. And Warszawa definitely has happy hour, but I thought that it was only specials on drinks and same goes for Cabo Cantina. But if it's on food too, I'm so there! (As I re-read this, I'm a little ashamed how much I know about happy hours)

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                        Warszawa has their appetizers half off during HH.

                        1. re: Wolfgang

                          Great! thanks to both of you for the information.

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                            Rockenwagner has been closed for over a year - if not more.

                    3. Awesome suggestions, thank you!
                      I may have to plan a Happy Hour-crawl to hit them all up!

                      1. Not Mentioned so Far (I think?):

                        The Galley - Steak & Seafood - Santa Monica
                        1/2 off all " * " bar menu items, i.e. Fish-n-Chips would be $4.50. Everyday 5 -6:30 with a $4 drink minimum:

                        Pacific Dinning Car - American - Santa Monica
                        All apps FREE, well at least 3 of them, M-F 4 to 7. The catch Drinks are reg. price, but they absorb the sales tax, & reg price won't be cheap; however, if you can sip just one for a while and discreetly pig-out sort of ......

                        El Texate - Oxacan - Santa Monica
                        M-F, Time ?, 1/2 off drinks, $3 Beer, $3.75 Margartias & Mojitos, small Taquitos $1. Sundays - 10 oz. Margarita $2.75 2 to 5.

                        Later Night Happy Hour:

                        Matteo's - Cozy Old World Frank Sinatra Big Red Booth Italian - Westwood
                        M-F, 9-11, Apps $2 to $5, $3 Wine & Beer, Well Drinks 1/2 off.
                        (310) 475-4521

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                          i can't believe palomino in westwood hasn't been suggested! seriously my favorite happy hour in LA. :)

                          i think their menu changes, but their pizzas and appetizers are amazing deals.

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                            palomino was suggested by emme y-day. =)

                            and yep, they have a great hh!

                            1. re: wilafur

                              thanks for the nod :-)

                              ... does it ever irk anyone when posters don't read prior posts and then post their own "novel" ideas? ... sorry it's friday and i'm in a bit of a "so ready for the weekend and complain-y mood"

                              1. re: Emme

                                I LOVE when people do that. I thinks it's funny. But it's Friday and I'm finding almost anything hilarious.

                                On topic, I really like this thread. Lots of good suggestions that I had no idea about.

                                1. re: Emme

                                  Yes, if when reading the posed question it's apparent that the OP is just being downright LAZY and expects, in a demanding sort of way, others to labor on their behalf!!!

                                  Example - A simple trip to Mr. Google reveals that an enterprising UCLA student/employee (?) has compiled the following:


                                  I believe there's 53 listings there, not all westside. Whether they're up-to-date is another manner. How about a few more:

                                  Westwood Brewing Co. - Guess where - greasy spoon student bar food.
                                  M-F all beers (15 approx. on draft), 14 -16 oz. (depending on whether it's served in glass or plastic) $3.00 and about 8 apps 1/2 price anytime before 6 p.m.: otherwise, 1 beer of the month at $3.00 all day every day. BTW, they have a small outdoor patio in the middle that's packed by 6:00 most days.
                                  (310) 209-2739

                                  Rusty's Surf Ranch - Big American Chain Want-to-be - Santa Monica Pier
                                  The food is probably poor at best, but how can they screw up a bottle of beer unless it's too warm...

                                  Enterprise Fish Co. - Fishy stuff - Venice
                                  They have been placing newspaper ads for decades. IMO, a bad sign where a place needs to advertise for customers unless it's for something like a 50 year anniversary something-or-other. Anyways, the biggest happy hour menu I've seen:

                                  Matrix - Tex-Mex - Santa Monica Canyon
                                  Just another gringo-ized watering hole with free chips & salsa. But bring your own hot sauce as they left it out of theirs...

                                  Union Cattle Co. - Western or Texan (you make the call) - Hermosa Beach
                                  Voted best L.A. Happy Hour by AOL readers, whatever distinction that's worth? But they don't mention what it is on their website?

                                  BAD HAPPY HOUR WARNING - Tengu - Sushi/Japanese - Westwood Village
                                  Worst happy hour value-to-money-wise I've tried!! 1/2 off some sushi rolls, 1/2 off some way over priced apps, No sushi discounts, and NO drinks discount, i.e., Japanese Beers $5 for 12 oz., and $9 for 22+ oz. 100 feet west is Isshin which sells the same for $3 & $5!

                                  CHEAP FOOD & DRINK ALERT - Mura - Sushi - Westwood Village
                                  When they opened in June I posted about their 50% off deal for 1 week before trying it (they did extend it for 1 week more). A couple of people tried it and if I can briefly recap - SUSHI average to bad and some ROLLS o.k. to good with some saying yuk, I'll never go back. I went twice and agree with those assessments!

                                  However, 2 Saturdays ago I passed by at 8:30 and there were TWO diners inside. 8 days ago, a Friday, ZERO dinners at 7:45. Yesterday, they had a sandwich board on the sidewalk avertising a couple of good deals, like all-you-can-eat on Saturdays, and a ??% discount other days (don't remember). Scary part is if they have no customers, what are they doing with the leftover fish at closing time??????? Strategy - call and ask what the deals are, they're so desperate for customers they might change weekly, and think along ordering beer & saki, rolls ?, and non-fish items. IMO, they're just desperatly trying to hang on till that huge new apartment complex going up 12 inches away starts moving in people 12/07.
                                  1071 Glendon Ave., (310) 208-8640

                                  New Uber-Luxury Apartment complex going up:

                                  BEST HAPPY DEAL ANYWHERE ? - Sepi's - Student Dive = Sports, Sandwiches and Beer - 100 feet from SW-ish corner of UCLA.
                                  Most current UCLA students would kill me for posting this (but since I went to SC, what do I care?). At 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays, 4 on Tap Beers are $.25 for the first 75+ people, thereafter they're $1.25. There's usually a line out the door at 7:57. . 10968 Le Conte Ave., (310) 208-7171

                                  See what one can accomplish while enjoying the Angel game over the airwaves!
                                  At this moment - Angels 10, bad guys 3, Vlad at the plate.....

                          2. Not free, but very cheap appetizers during happy hour at Cha Cha Cha's in West Hollywood. I think it goes until 8 pm too.