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Jul 26, 2007 03:26 PM

Umi-Hendersonville, NC????

Has anyone been to the new sushi restaurant in Hendersonville..Umi????
It is supposedly owned by the same folks that run Sora's in Brevard. We've been anxious to try it and haven't had the chance yet.

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  1. Had whatever they call the "chef's sushi selection" and it was great. I think there were about 8 pieces of excellent fish, and not just tuna/salmon/shrimp. The Yellowtail w/scallion roll is simply awesome. The tempura is good, but not great. The basil (?) filet was outstanding.

    1. Tried Oumi for dinner the other night. It was crowded, noisy, and cramped but spare and elegant (I didn't even mind the fake table plants). Philly roll was fresh and well-prepared. Teriyaki salmon was small but quite good, served with nice veggies (rubbery shitake aside), shrimp shumai were plump and tender, chicken yakatori tasted like tasteless Applebee's chicken fingers, and Teriyaki scallops were rubbery. My recommendatoin would be to stick with the sushi for now.

      1. This place is awesome. Hands down the best sushi I have had the entire time I have been in North Carolina (4 years). The service was great, and the food was even better. We ordered a bento box and also a roll of sushi at the recommendation of the waiter and it was amazing. I haven't made it back to try anything else on the menu, but what we had was great. Miso soup is good too. Can't say enough about this place!

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          where is this restaurant? I'll be in H-vill Friday...are they open for lunch?

          1. re: leahinsc

            They are on Main Street between the Mast Store and Bank of America (in the old Verizon Wireless location). I think they serve lunch but am not 100% sure.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              totally missed it...we were down there this weekend at Flight and didn't notice it.

              1. re: leahinsc

                Def. worth a try, esp. the sushi. Let us know what you thought.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  I've posted a review of Umi today with a couple of photos on my blog, Hendersonville Epicurean. I don't like directing people away from Chow, but the review is too lengthy to post here.

                  I had a great experience at Umi and although I'm not a sushi expert, it was delicious and the service was very friendly and attentive. Prices aren't bad either.

        2. We LOVE Umi! We've gone several times since they opened - probably once or twice per month. We've ordered sushi nearly exclusively, so I can't comment on the other dishes. Like many types of food, we are certainly not sushi experts, but we love all the things we've tried so far. We used to go to Sora all the time in Brevard (their sister resto), but now go to Umi. For some reason, Umi tastes better to me even though they are run by the same people. The food seems fresher. Our service has always been very good (Sora's has been hit and miss) and we like the atmosphere at Umi a little better. We've sat at tables and the sushi bar and enjoyed both (umi also has a bar that you can sit at for drinks unlike Sora). They are open for lunch with reasonably priced specials ($7 - $8). the bento boxes especially have a decent amount of food (for me, anyway). I would like to see more choices on their lunch menu or have them change it up once in awhile. I find myself ordering the special sushi rolls for lunch now just for something different and that gets pricey! Even after six months it stills seems to be busy, so that is a good sign that they might hang around for awhile.

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          1. re: Scirocco

            Their specialty rolls rule: try the Bonzai Roll, the Blue Ridge Roll, and/or the Superman or -woman rolls. All are perfect with soup/salad and just filling enough. Best sushi I've had in this area.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              I totally agree! We both LOVE the Bonsai rolls and Superman rolls - get them both nearly every time. What's on the Blue Ridge Roll? I don't remember seeing that one.

              1. re: Scirocco

                I've had so many now I get 'em mixed up, but I think that's the one with slivers of lobster on top.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  Mmmmm!! Will ask next time we go. thanks!

          2. Went there last night and asked the waitress if it was "Oumi" or "Umi" because I was still not sure and the sign and menus don't help.

            Here's the correct answer, folks: Umi.

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            1. re: Jeff C.

              Went to Umi last week. Excellent, best sushi I have had in this area. The soups and cooked food are great as well. So thrilled that we can finally have fresh, delicious sushi. Much better than any of the Japanese restaurants in Asheville.