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Best Happy Hour in Old Town Pasadena?

Any suggestions? Experiences?

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  1. The Yardhouse at Paseo Colorado has a pretty decent happy hour. It's something like selected food at 1/2 price, and $2 off beers or $1 off well drinks. I don't recall Gordon Biersch having anything similar, although I prefer their beer.

    However, Cheesecake Factory in Old Town has a surprisingly reasonable happy hour. Avocado eggrolls, hamburger sliders, lettuce wraps, mac and cheese, are $5-6 and you're not stuck with a gigantic portion. I have been twice and been happy both times.

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      Hmmm... Never thought about Cheesecake.

    2. MAGNOLIA on lake has great happy hour especially on mondays.

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        i LOVE magnolia. it's unique and has an intimate atmosphere.

        and mccormick is also good. great burgers.

      2. mccormick and schmidts has a decent happy hours. also believe that it runs twice a night: early on (something like 4-6), and again later (maybe 9-11). please verify the hours.

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          Third Mccormick's. The $2 burger is delicious.

          1. I like BODEGA in the Paseo for happy hour. I like their food (particularly the tuna & cracker plate), selection of drinks and the outside patio. Food and drink specials everyday from 4-7 pm. http://www.bodegawinebar.com/specials...

            I have been meaning to try Monday nights at Union Cattle Co. when all apps are 1/2 off.

            If you want to venture down to the Rose Bowl, I noticed that Brookside has a serious happy hour promotion going on - something like $1 beers from 5pm until closing every day of the week! Might not be the crowd your looking for though.

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              ciaobella, thx for the tip. i hear they have organic wines at bodega. gotta try it.

            2. I am a fan of Sushi Roku's happy hour, which is 5-6:30 in the bar area only (I believe) and all night on Mondays. A selection of drinks, hand rolls, and other hot and cold appetizers are $3 a piece. Although I have never been a huge fan of the main restaurant, Roku's happy hours is one of the best deals I have found in the Pasadena area.

              1. Unbelievable recommendations... McCormick's and Cheesecake are TERRIBLE corporate crap food. Sorry, been to both far too many times for business and with non-foodie friends. Don't bother.

                Magnolia's is good, I like their cornflake chicken, but the food is not terribly new or anything, just reasonably well made in a great location.

                And now, I'll back up and say that Sushi Roku has good corporate food. All their appetizers are pretty good tasting. Get the mushrooms with lotus root... I forget the name of the dish.

                1. Margarita Jones has very nice margaritas for 4 bucks each. Some of the appetizers and chips and salsa are free of charge. you can also order appetizers from the menu for 1/2 off. Union Cattle Co. also has a good happy hours. All appetizers are half off. As far as the drinks goes, I think only draft beers and some martinis are specially priced for their happy hours. Cafe Bizou has a decent happy hours as well. However, I think their happy hours are between 5 and 6:30 only. That is just not long enough for me to get happy. Hope this helps.

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                    Wondering if anyone else have any suggestions. Doesn't have to be Old Town. South Pas and Alhambra would work too if there are any. Going with some co workers after work.

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                      Have not been in about a year, but Carmine's in South Pas has(d) a great happy hour. Their wonderful pizzas are really cheap and the rest of the apps are also very well-priced. They have different drink specials each day of the week.
                      From work, we usually do Yard House.

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                        PF Changs now has happy hour from 3-6, call to check on the Pasadena location but I think it is 7 days a week.