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Jul 26, 2007 03:18 PM

Best Happy Hour in Old Town Pasadena?

Any suggestions? Experiences?

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  1. The Yardhouse at Paseo Colorado has a pretty decent happy hour. It's something like selected food at 1/2 price, and $2 off beers or $1 off well drinks. I don't recall Gordon Biersch having anything similar, although I prefer their beer.

    However, Cheesecake Factory in Old Town has a surprisingly reasonable happy hour. Avocado eggrolls, hamburger sliders, lettuce wraps, mac and cheese, are $5-6 and you're not stuck with a gigantic portion. I have been twice and been happy both times.

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    1. re: kotatsu

      Hmmm... Never thought about Cheesecake.

    2. MAGNOLIA on lake has great happy hour especially on mondays.

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      1. re: revets2

        i LOVE magnolia. it's unique and has an intimate atmosphere.

        and mccormick is also good. great burgers.

      2. mccormick and schmidts has a decent happy hours. also believe that it runs twice a night: early on (something like 4-6), and again later (maybe 9-11). please verify the hours.

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        1. re: justanotherpenguin

          Third Mccormick's. The $2 burger is delicious.

          1. I like BODEGA in the Paseo for happy hour. I like their food (particularly the tuna & cracker plate), selection of drinks and the outside patio. Food and drink specials everyday from 4-7 pm.

            I have been meaning to try Monday nights at Union Cattle Co. when all apps are 1/2 off.

            If you want to venture down to the Rose Bowl, I noticed that Brookside has a serious happy hour promotion going on - something like $1 beers from 5pm until closing every day of the week! Might not be the crowd your looking for though.

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            1. re: ciaobella

              ciaobella, thx for the tip. i hear they have organic wines at bodega. gotta try it.