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Jul 26, 2007 03:14 PM

What's the deal with Saffron?

They've been closed for awhile now, will they be back? Saffron is one of my favorites.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I live across the street from it and have been waiting for the new place to open - the sign in the window says "My Thai, opening July 2007" It's supposedly an upscale Thai place, but I doubt it will be opening in July seeing as how the month is almost over. I will definitely check it out the second it opens (after all, I live across the street) and report back.

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        My Thai is taking over the space in the basement where Minato used to be. No word on Saffron except that the business is not for sale.

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          Please keep us up to date! I worked at the 'old' Saffron and so will be interested to see how it goes (I'll be in Boston though, so spying will be more difficult).

          1. re: asiege2

            When you say "old" Saffron, do you mean under Kim, or the Indian place that preceded him?

        2. It won't be back, at least as what it was. Edward Kim has left. No news as to what his plans are, but I hope he comes up with something soon.

          1. I see that My Thai has opened. Has anyone been there yet?

            1. According to Elizabeth Large (Baltimore Sun restaurant critic), Saffron is reopening as "Indigma", an Indian (but not fusion) restaurant.


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              1. re: Hal Laurent

                Let's hope that the wordplay of the name is meant to convey an air of mystery of the exotic subcontinent, and not as a warning about the puzzlement one will be confronted with when looking at one's plate - sort of the curried equivalent of the fabled airplane menu item "Mystery Meat". Granted, Tony and Ann run a pretty good operation at their various restaurants, so one does not expect major missteps, but that name really is a target for being turned into fodder for disparaging punsters.

                1. re: Warthog

                  Someone had recommended Indigma, so I just tried it last week. I saw an Asian, Korean looking chef in the kitchen, so I thought maybe, just maybe Edward Kim is back. It turned out to be a disappointing dinner. maybe I'm just used to places like Udupi Palace in Langley Park, and haven't explored the Charm City's Indian fare much, but I can say the food at Indigma didn't click for me. I enjoyed the appetizers - open face Samosa and tasty mussels but was disappointed with the entrees - the ginger in "grouper & ginger sauce" overwhelmed the taste of fish, so did the Bison steak's sauce that my friend had. Also they give you a small 2.5" square dish for rice, and I missed the platter full of fluffy Basmati rice in Indian restaurants that you share with others at the table, not to mention it was kind of hard to eat it with a fork. When the Indian manager?owner? asked me how everything was, I asked whether the chef was same as Saffron's, and he gave me a cold stare and said No. overall I enjoyed the trendy decor, good ambiance including the lighting, and good service, but the dinner didn't justify the $$. I may go back for drinks (Kama Sutra with molasses was decent) and the appetizers but maybe stick with Akbar down the street for now..

                  1. re: naturalfoodie

                    I love Indigma because it is not your typical Indian restaurant. My family is from India, and I get so tired of the typical North Indian curries you find at most restaurants around here. I found Indigma to be a very refreshing change. I also thought the prices were very reasonable. It's definitely pricier than a typical Indian restaurant, but not nearly as most places that serve contemporary and innovative cuisine. I went on a Thursday evening, and the place was packed, so hopefully that means others are enjoying it as well.

                    So don't go to Indigma if you're looking for a typical North Indian restaurant. You'll find it to be fairly pricier, and also you're really missing out with the menu if you just order their basic curry dishes. But if you're in the mood to go to a restaurant with Indian flavors that is unlike anywhere else in Baltimore, then I strongly recommend it.

                    1. re: pmody

                      Went for lunch. It was great to have Indian tapas. I thought it was good value: about $14 each for a big variety of chef created food. Not all was successful, but the good things were great.

                      1. re: crowsonguy

                        Indigma which describes itself as providing innovative flavors of India did just that last night. We'd been here a couple of times before and were not blown away; not so yesterday. They started us off with Indian bread sticks we dipped in yogurt with cilantro. Colette had a tasting array of 8 small dishes; three chicken with zip, and one each of saag, lentils and Basmati rice with a tasty honey dipped dough ball for dessert. I went for the $30.01 3-course meal, a holdover from Restaurant Week that included a glass of wine and I loved my choices too: chicken nuggets with an avocado and Tamarind sauce, crisp lamb shank, well cooked but almost falling off the bone with potatoes and spices and ginger ice cream with caramelized mango. Our bill with a bottle of wine and tip was just about $100.00.
                        Go again? For sure, esp. before superb faculty concerts at Peabody.

                        John Talbott's Paris

                        802 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                        1. re: John Talbott


                          I thought your name rang a bell as I've been reading your blog as well as the France Board. I recently moved to Baltimore, MD from Portland, OR 3 years ago.

                          Anyhow, if you are ever looking for Baltimore suggestions - let me know. I'll e-mail you via the blog.