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Jul 26, 2007 03:12 PM

Brown rice sushi in Calgary?...

While I am a long-time Calgarian with my set of favorite local sushi haunts, I have yet to come across a good sushi restaurant offering the option of brown rice sushi. Perhaps this is just something that you need to ask for at the right establishment? Any suggestions would be most welcomed!

Thank you -

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  1. Traditional Sushi is not made with brown rice - the only place I have seen this is at Wholefoods.

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    1. re: JWh

      While I know that it's not 'traditional' it is better for you and I actually prefer the texture of the brown rice in some rolls, etc. I have had brown rice sushi overseas and in the US (and Vancouver), but strangely the only place that I've seen it here in Calgary is at my local Co-op. I was hoping to find a better source...

      1. re: bem3231

        I have been looking for brown rice sushi in Calgary as well. I tried it in Montreal a few years ago and it was excellent.