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Jul 26, 2007 02:14 PM

Best Chirashi?

I've been a big fan of Sushi Seki for the past year, they have a $25 chirashi entree with a wonderful assortment of fresh fish with a bed of rice sprinkled with ikura (salmon roe). The problem is Sushi Seki has been so busy as of late, it's very difficult to get a table there now. I need a back up, or would love to try other places. Maybe casual is better, but around $25 is ideal.


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  1. 2 weeks ago I ordered my chirashi at Hatsuhana and thought it was the best I ever had. It was around $20 or slightly above.

    1. Le Miu (Ave A & 7th St.) has a very good chirashi, made with whatever is freshest that day. The fish is diced rather than served in sashimi-size slices. I remember it being about $25, but their website refuses to display any menu but the dessert one. Maybe you'll have better luck.

      1. Kanoyama has it for $20 and they're very good. I also prefer to sit at the sushi bar. You have the option of diced or no dice for the same price.

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          Surely sitting at the sushi bar doesn't get you a better chirashi, does it?

          1. re: raji212

            No, but I like to watch. At sharaku, I've had starters compliments of the sushi chef.

        2. Fukumatsu sometimes has chirashi as a lunch special for around $13. A great deal as it's usually around $25, and I think their fish is very good.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Looking forward to trying them all.