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Jul 26, 2007 02:12 PM

Short layer cake

I am planning on making a layer cake for a friend's bday - chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream. I'm not a very good froster but I think taste will more than make up for it!

The problem is that I made a classic chocolate cake in 2 9" rounds. But the layers are so skinny! Should I make another batch and make it a 4 layer cake? Will I have to make twice as much frosting?? (I've already made 2 layers of cake and a delicious batch of buttercream)

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  1. it depends how many people you are planning on serving and how important the height is to you in terms of appearance. if it were me, i'd probably just stick to what i already made. if, however, you need to stretch it for a crowd, i'd consider making an additional layer... another inch or so of height won't be a problem with the frosting you've already made.

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      About 8 people

      Is it possible to halve my original recipe to make 1 add'l layer? Could I sub a 3rd layer that is NOT the orig recipe (eg yellow cake or something)?

        1. re: laurendlewis

          you could totally halve the original recipe so long as you're dealing with an even number of eggs (way too hard for me). but i think that a yellow cake would be a good solution because it's easier (less ingredients and steps) than a chocolate cake and you could alternate the layers (choc/van/choc/van) and have the whole thing be unified by the filling and buttercream. if you're really pinched for time, use a yellow cake boxed mix (my apologies to any expert bakers i'm offending). if the layers turn out much thicker than the recipe you've already prepared, i would just cut one in half horizontally with a serrated knife and freeze the other as a spare. you could also do this with your original recipe and then you wouldn't have to deal with the math.