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Jul 26, 2007 02:06 PM

Cleveland Area - Coffee Beans???

Anyone in Cleveland have a recommendation for where to buy a good local roast? I've been spoiled by a few independent roasters in the NW & Chicago (Stumptown, Intelligenstia), but I'm willing to give something local a try. Closer to the West side would be preferable. The web suggests Phoenix coffee or City Roast - any opinions?

Also, this was about buying whole beans, but while I'm at it - any favorite quiet cafes in which to hang out? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Stumptown....The best! I buy it reguarly online.
    In Cleveland, I purchase whole beans at City Roast and haven't tried Phoenix.

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      Have heard great things about city roast. i believe they are in or by the west side market. no advice on local places to hang out on the west side.

    2. I buy beans from city roast. They are in the West Side Market.
      I'm an eastsider so I can't help too much with the cafes. There is a really nice tea house on W25th St, just down the street from the West Side Market called the Monastery.

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        Another vote for CityRoast. They have several varieties of regular coffee, as well as plentiful choices of organic or free trade. I prefer to buy organic, free trade beans, and this is one of the few places I can get them in town. Their coffee is wonderful.

      2. City Roast is really good and on Mondays their whole bean coffee goes on sale. Phoenix has a HUGE variety of roasts, their staff knows a lot about the different coffee. Their location on Superior is good during the day but it's pretty much a weekday place.

        1. I agree with City Roast at the market but my fave place for beans and their brewed coffee is any of the Arabica coffee houses.

          The University circle location and the former Coventry shop are(were) the best.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions, it seems I should try City Roast next time I'm at WSM, and Phoenix as well. I'm a little unwilling to pay so much shipping for my coffee addiction, otherwise I'd be buying Stumptown too. Or Blue Bottle, from Berkeley, which is also heavenly.

            Incidentally, I also saw that Whole Foods is selling a shade grown coffee from a roaster (I think in NC), for those interested in environmental sustainability. As well as Phoenix beans.

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              i am partial too to ARABICA, but they seem to have kind of fallen out of fashion in clevo.

              besides the wsm stand, CITY ROAST has a coffee shop in tremont for you to check out too.

              you might want to give TALKIES a try, its across the street from the wsm and GREAT LAKES brewpub. CRAVINGS is another to look for.

              if you are adventerous i think there may be some hipster type coffee joints around the midtown chinatown/csu nabe just east of downtown, but i dk for sure you would need to explore that.

              lastly, if you get to columbus be sure to try STAUF'S in grandview, they roast their own beans and are excellent.