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Jul 26, 2007 02:04 PM

Hoang's Grill & Sushi Bar in Falls Church

I just received a card for $5.00 off at this pan-Asian place in Falls Church. The menu looks fairly appealing and the prices are not bad either. I live in nearby N. Arlington but have never heard of the place. Anyone eaten there and have some input for me? Thanks.

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  1. Hi cabster: I have not tried Hoang's yet, even though I work around the corner. However, I can tell you that it's a spin-off of a very good place the owners used to run up in the Mount Washington section of Baltimore called Hoang's Seafood Grill, which was probably the first pan-Asian restaurant in Baltimore, back in the early 90s.

    I did read something about the place in the local fishwrap and it does look to be worth a try.

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    1. re: Bob W

      Thanks for your response, Bob W. I read that local rag as well and saw the positive comments. I think I will have to try this place soon.

      1. re: Bob W

        Well, Bob, looks like time to take up Warthog's challenge and try the place close to work. And give a report, of course.

        BTW, where is this place? I can't place it.

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          It's in the ground floor of one of the new condo bldgs on W. Broad St. I think it's at the corner of W. Broad and N. Lee Sts. It's across the street from the Burger King.

          It's actually the second asian restaurant in the space (which is very nice). The first one was not good and vanished quickly.

          I might be able to give it a try this week or next.

          1. re: Bob W

            I'll look forward to your comments if you do give it a try. I think I'll get over there one evening next week and use my little $5 coupon that's burning a whole in my virtual pocket.

      2. I live very near to Hoang's and eat there often. I have to say that the sushi is decent, though not stunning. The entrees on the other hand are quite good. I have yet to be disappointed by anything I've ordered.

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        1. re: MsCongeniality

          I had dinner finally at Hoang's last night with my DH and DD and I'm sad to report that we all found it to be very mediocre. The food wasn't bad; it just wasn't very good. We had two kinds of sushi rolls that weren't bad (but nothing special), an order of Vietnamese spring rolls that were shaped like Indian samosas but weren't bad (again, nothing special) and entrees of Pad Thai and Beef Teriyaki. The beef was probably the best thing we ate all evening, but again, it wasn't good enough to make me crave it again. The Pad Thai was sort of sad--limp, soggy noodles and pretty tasteless. I was glad I could use my $5 discount coupon because the dinner was certainly quite affordable, just not very satisfying.

          1. re: cabster

            cabster: sorry to hear that but thanks for taking one for the team.

            There are some other places in the block across the street from the post office and the Burke & Herbert Bank that might be worth a shot. In addition to Maneki Neko, which has been there for a while, there's a pho joint and a new "European cafe" with baked goods, etc.

            1. re: Bob W

              I like that concept of taking one for the team! My daughter was a bit disgruntled, but my husband and I were more easily philosophical.

              I'll look into trying some other places in Falls Church, but it may be awhile--too many oldies but goodies we love.

              Have you tried Argia's (correct name?) in FC? Any thoughts?

              1. re: cabster

                Oh, yeah, my colleagues and I have been going to Argia's for many years. Very dependable. A good application of my patented bread rule ("Good restaurants may have bad bread, but bad restaurants will never have good bread.")

        2. I've been to Hoangs in Falls Church several times and found it to be quite good with good service.

          Hoang's Grill & Sushi Bar
          502 W Broad St Ste 5, Falls Church, VA 22046

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            Hoang's is simply an amazing dining experience. I frequented the restaurant often in baltimore, and now a few times in Falls Church since my move to the DC area. Everything was as good as i remembered. The service and atmosphere are exceptional. Everything from the grill is phenomenal, and the sushi is always fresh. My favorites are the shaking beef and the famous lemongrass chicken. Those that remember the Mt. Washington restaurant should have fond memories of those skewered sensations.