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Jul 26, 2007 01:56 PM

So what's the (chow) skinny on New Canaan, CT?

Still newish to the area...NC next on my list to explore for good I kindly request the board to hit me back with your top five "must eat at's"...all cuisines and price points bias here...:)



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  1. Ching's Table has some good asian fusion, but buyer beware. The service is terrible. I was meeting 2 others there for dinner one night with reservations and they sat us at 2 different tables and we waited almost a 1/2 hour before we figured out the problem. They were less than apologetic and the waiter blatenly stated that the owner would not come over and didn't care.

    I wish I had something better to share with you. I don't live in New Canaan, but it is about 1/2 way b/w my home and my work. Hope other people have better suggestions for you.

    1. jfood's new canaan best to worst

      Top 5:

      - Bistro Bonne Nuit - outstanding frsh food, daily specials price point 30-35. small, difficult to get reso , outstanding owners. top 5 in ffd county
      - Aloi - chef trained by Luongo in traditional Tuscan flair. indoors VERY noisy and tables close together. outside table are great to people watch and they have outdoor heaters. best bolgnese this side of Hazan. waiters all extremely friendly. price point 25-30.
      - Sole - new chef this year and not quite as good as previous years. wood oven for pizzas in the teens. pasta entrees high teens, entrees 25-35. Chicken is the jfood go-to dish. can get pretty noisy up front and bar area is pretty happenin every night for the >35 crowd.
      - Ching's Table - Fantastic Asian fusion 18-26 pricepoint. Servers and hostess unbelieveably rude and pushy. There goal is to turn the table 4-5 times in a night. If youorder all the food at the beginning, you will be out in 30 minutes. Order patiently and over time if you want to dine
      - Best sushi bar in FFD county. fresh, traditional and inventive. Hot choice limited to Tempuras and Terriyakis. Fairly priced sushi and entrees in high teens Great private room if you want a private dinner for 8-10.

      More Family'ish-

      - Gates - full bar area with a couple of TV's plus a nice dining room for families. Also difficult to get reso. Price point for entrees in the 20's but have sandwiches and salads as well. Bar handles a lot of 20's.
      - Tequilla Mocking Bird - Southwestern version of Gates. Not a whole lot of choices other than simple fare. Prices in the teens. 20-something crowd at the bar area like Gates
      - Sushi 25 - NC version of High end Asian/Sushi Take out with about 30 seats. Lots of HS kids eat here with their friends. Every dish jfood has ordered has been great. Some cute sushi combos.
      - Taste of Asia - Typical NY/NJ suburb Chinese with a few new Asian type dishes.
      Unfortunate for Wayne, the owner, Ching's Table and Sushi 25 serve better food.
      - Viccolo's - NC version of an Italian joint. Pizza is now probably the best (other than the flat bread wood from Sole). Staff is very nice and they make a grilled chicken Parm for those of us looking to cut the oil. Would recommend for a family easy outing. Also is the ONLY delivery in town.

      Others -

      - Cava - Awful replacement to our only Italian resto. Jfood has never had a good meal here, was asked by the manager toplease try again and even for free and with the kitchen on notice, jfood received raw shrimp and lousy entrees. Would definitely stay away.
      - Savvy - Many people like thisplace but jfood has been disappointed at best. Risotto has always been undercooked (think Hell's Kitchen GR spitting), on e scallop sliced thin into 6 slices and overall incompetent staff. price point in the high 20's.
      - Chez Louis' - Former chef at Sole tried to take his show on the road. Entrees are 5-7 less than Sole but the quality is 60% less. Noone really likes it so far.


      - Cherry Street East - Under repair since a fire. When it reopnes it has the BEST burger in FFD county. Hoping for re-open in a few weeks.
      - Rosies - Fantastic high end sandwiches. Expensive in the 8-11 range. Breakfasts on the weekend is also an adventure with lots of choices. Best sandwich in town
      - Country Cupboard - New owners so no report yet. Little jfood not that fond of it though.
      - Joes' Pizza - Joe retired a few months ago and his replacement just doesn't have "the touch". Even with Lorenzo cooking the pies, it's just not the same any longer. It's a shame since jfood was a regular.
      - Lou's Kitchen - Many like this old fashioned greasy spoon diner. most people leave licking their lips trying to move the grease from the eggs, but there are a high number of regulars that swear by this place.
      - Forrest St Deli - the little jfoods would always ask jfood to buy them a sandwich to drop off at school if they were hungry. Hot dishes made on premises.
      - Subway - Hey we fought to keep it out
      - Villarini's - Take away pasta dishes. their cannaloni is fantastic and their ravioli quite good. jfood buys his whole wheat pasta sheets to make lasagne here. Recommend
      - Made it myself - Good sandwhich shop that many HS kids love as well. Jfoods favorite sandwich is their sausage and peppers when they have it.
      - The best Wurst - Very good German fare for sandwiches. Very nice coiuple will make you a very good wurst sandwich. different tyoes every day

      - Gellatisimo - Fantastic home made gelato in plenty of flavors. Can't tell you which is jfood's favorite since he likes them all. $4 per scoop and they will serve half/half at any size. Try the half chocolate/half banana
      - Baskin Robbins - Jfood does not eat BR
      - Dunks and Starbs - enough said

      Sorry for the lengthy report. hope it helps and welcome to the 'hood.

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        oops - best sushi bar in top 5 is plum tree

        1. re: jfood

          Thanks jfood...great post! Looking forward to trying out your recommendations...

          1. re: CTburgerlover

            In the last 2 years, Lorenzo fired the lousy pizza maker and the new one knows what he is doing. Lorenzo is really taking the bull by the horns and making this a great pizza+ location. Look at the place, the personnel, the menu...totally different and all for the better. Great success story.

            1. re: jfood

              You're absolutely right. Many things change in NC, glad that Joe's is still tops (though I have to admit New Canaan Pizza, behind Cherry Street, is a nice change of pace at times and it gets NO LOVE on this board).

              1. re: CTburgerlover


                jfood almost spit out his coffee when he saw the positive reference to NC pizza. This is a DIY pizza place, the buy premade dough rings, the cheese is crap and the sauce is horrible. No love because jfood would rather go hungry than eat there. It is actually be worse than Pinocchio which is inedible.

                1. re: jfood

                  No way is it worse than Pinocchio. I'd rather eat tree bark than a Pinocchio pie.

                  Just sayin, Greek is a nice change of pace, though have not had NC Pizza in a long time (5+ years) so maybe it has fallen off. Wife is obsessed with Joe's so other than the occasional Colony pie, Joe's has been it in the Burgerlover household.

                  1. re: CTburgerlover

                    Pinocchio and NC are two pizzas slices that jfood has thrown out after 1-2 bites. Tree bark is a great analogy.

        2. I don't mean to argue, but Plum Tree has no been good the last few times I've been. It used to be better and I guess I just was hoping that our past 2 or 3 experiences there were not the norm. I won't go back. Try Sukura in Westport. Or even Little Tokyo on New Canaan Ave in Norwalk. It's no longer the original owners and it's now a great little hidden gem.

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          1. re: sfoss17

            that's too bad. jfood been going to sushi 25 around the corner for sushi recently since it has other, better food to go with the sushi.

            Thanks for the head's up on PT and the others in the 'hood.

            1. re: sfoss17

              I agree on Little Tokyo....very good. Very fresh. And very close to my house :)

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                not to steal the thread, but since you live there, he went to liz sue for a buttered bagel and they charged him $1.50. Was jfood ripped off (has not returned) or is that their price?

                1. re: jfood

                  Sorry jfood....I wouldn't know....I'm a fan of Village Bagels.....try Pauli's (in the Village family) up on Rte 7 by the 123 intersection.

            2. NC Pizza is getting a bad rap and I think it is fantastic Greek style pizza. Whenever friends from out of town come and we get pizza, they always say how great it is. Agree on Chings - great food, horrible service. However, I was able to bring a 10-week old baby there with no problem since it is so loud. Also agree about Little Tokyo in Broad River - food is really fresh and good and they are kid friendly.