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Jul 26, 2007 01:48 PM

I have ripe super chillis- what are they best used for?

My super chillis are ripening and I've used a few so far. I've used one in salsa (should have used more) and I infused some butter with another one for a pasta sauce. I've been looking online for recipes, but whenever I type in "super chilli" I usually end up with a superbowl chili recipe! How else can I use these little guys? Thanks!

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  1. I tend to use hot peppers like scotch bonnets and habaneros often. Here's some regular stand-by options:

    Fiery black bean and corn salad with red onion and chili peppers, lil bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and cumin to taste.
    A hot spicy marinade really makes chicken much more exciting (not a huge fan).

    You should also think about jerk recipes. I make a mojo style sauce with either guava jam or orange marmelade that's a real hit. I boil it down and add juice from a lime, two chili peppers, salt and pepper and use some for a marinade. I use the rest to glaze the meat. I almost always use this with pork loin on the grill. So good. Nice blend of sweet and spice.

    I've got a few varieties of chili peppers growing well right now. I'll plan to dry some and make dry rubs and also make some chili pepper infused olive oil and vinegars. Hopefully I'll have tons of peppers because these oil and vinegars can actually make great gifts too.

    If you continue to search you might have improved results if you add "pepper" to your search phrase.

    1. I'm currently drying a big batch to ground up (whole) later into chili flakes.

      1. Try searching for "super chile" instead of "super chili." "Chili" is the stew we make from meat, chiles, etc. "Chile" is the pepper itself. I just did a quick google and it works.