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Jul 26, 2007 01:46 PM

Breakfast Near the Sofitel

I will be staying at the Sofital hotel this weekend and was wondering if there were any good, not too expensive breakfast spots in the area? Either bagels or a sit down place with eggs, pancakes etc.?

The hotel is located in what I believe is the Gold Coast area (but I'm not familar with the Chicago neighborhood lingo so I'm not positive). It's located at 20 E Chestnut St.

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  1. Easy. Go to Tempo Cafe. It is 1 block west of your hotel at the corner of Chestnut and State. They specialize in "fluffy omelets" which is kind of a Chicago specialty. Very puffy, served in a skillet over home fries. Absolutely awesome.

    Note: Tempo is cash only. It gets very busy on the weekends so arriver early or plan to wait about 30 mins. Worth it. They have outdoor seating in front too which offers great people watching.

    1. Yes, I 2nd that recommendation. Tempo, no brainer.

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        Perfect! That's where we will be having breakfast I imagine at least once!

      2. Yep, tempo. Great breakfast and Greek eats. Everything else is only so so.

        Try the melt in your mouth pancakes at the Original House of Pancakes on Bellview just east of Rush street, only steps from your door.

        Also try Ina's on Randolph. The Heavenly Hots melt in your mouth. Great food here.

        Wishbone on west Washington; Cajun, southern, and Mexican inspired breakfast and lunch. Great stuff

        Le Peep on west Randolph. The Desparado skillet is my favorite. Scrambled eggs over potato's, onions, southwest green chillis, chorizo...hmmm tasty!

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          What's a heavenly hot? A pancake?

          This is very helpful..lots of spots to chose from.

          1. re: Elyssa

            re: Ina's; on west Randolph
            Yes, I believe that they're called heavenly hots...just incredible! You can taste a little something extra in the batter...I wish I knew what it was. It's been a while since my last visit. It's pretty much a pancake but with a different name. There are other pancake dishes on the menu as well. This place is worth the trip.
            Enjoy and please report back.

        2. Walk north to Rush & Bellevue---the Original Pancake House is the most popular breakfast place in the neighborhood. They're open until 3 on weekdays and 5 on Sundays. They have a huge variety of eggs, waffles, pancakes, and crepes as well as Dutch Babies and baked German apple pancake. Portions are huge, service is pleasant, and everything is good. Right across Bellevue from the Sutton Place Hotel. A winner of a place. If you google "chicago restaurant menus" then click onto Gold Coast then onto Original Pancake House you can see their menu.