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Jul 26, 2007 01:31 PM

Dinner in Lake George with 6-year old

Hi, spending one night in Lake George this Saturday. I've never been to the area and know almost nothing about it, so any recommendations are welcome. Looking for moderately priced and not fast-food, kids menu a plus. We'll be doing a lot of driving the next day, so probably wouldn't want a destination that put us in the car for more than 10-15 minutes. (hotel is on route 9L off ext 21 of 87). Open to all cuisines. Thanks!

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  1. I would try The Log Jammer or George's. I'm sure the hotel can make a reservation/give directions. Expect it to be busy (especially after 7:30) as the track is open and Lake George is in full swing.

    1. I'd zip down to Glens Falls and eat at Davidson Bros. (But then, we regularly travel over an hour from Lake Piseco to go there for lunch!) Great food (and beer!), nice sidewalk cafe action, very casual, kids menu. Away from the Lake George mess.

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        Thanks for all the suggestions; unfortunately we ended up at a local place overlooking the lake in the thick of it all. Christies on the Lake, I think it was, and I had one of the most bland meals of my entire life! The fish was overcooked and dry, the rice had no flavor (how could anyone get rice wrong??) and the accompanied green beans were overcooked. However my husband reported his grilled chicken sandwich was "fine" and my daughter enjoyed the pasta.

        1. re: jtdbean

          Thanks for posting back! Sorry you had a less than great meal. Oh well, win some lose some. :)