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Jan 3, 2006 08:45 AM

Cheap Eats in SF

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I'm visiting from L.A. this week and I was hoping I can be referred to SF's good cheap eats (under $7).

I'm open to all kinds of cuisine, just as along as it's under $7.


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    1. re: DavidT
      Robert Lauriston

      Some notes on the Chron's generally good "Bargain Bites" list:

      I'd add: Darbar, Gyro King, l'Osteria del Forno, Shan, Zante (for Indian pizza only)

      Bocadillos: best tapas in town but *not* cheap

      Moishe's Pippic: not that great (there is no good deli in SF)

      Thai House Express: Larkin location only

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Why the Larkin location only? Is the Thai Express in the Castro any good?

        1. re: Alfred
          Robert Lauriston

          The food at the Castro location is more Americanized.

      2. re: DavidT

        Thanks for the link! I don't cook very often so I always eat out. I'm thinking about moving to the Bay Area, and if I do this link will come in handy!

        1. The best bargains seem to be Asian. For a bargain lunch, Original Joe's on Taylor St...if you have a companion, you might consider splitting an order. (slight charge). I don't know the present practice, but you used to be able to split a lunch entre and a big salad without a split charge. Kind of like you order the osso buco, your companion orders a combination salad, and you share. Frankly, you won't get much these days for under $7.00...except Asian plate lunch.

          1. If you could be more specific you'll get more responses. Where are you coming from (to get an idea of what foods you might be missing where you live)? Where are you staying? Places where two can eat for under $15 exist, but they tend to be neighborhood places, not places worth trekking across the city to go to.

            1. We like Uncle Vito's, half way up Nob Hill on Bush for simple, basic dinner. Pizza plus typical italian menu--hot meatball sandwich ($5.50) spaghetti and meatballs ($9.95.) Glass of wine $4 ! Busy, family atmosphere and packed around dinner time, great staff--the price can't be beat!

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