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Jul 26, 2007 01:28 PM

What are your fav places to buy kitchen goods?

My fav places that have the best clearance sections are Macy's, Khol's, Williams and Sonoma, Wal-Mart (when they had the Kitchen aid stuff), Big Lots (found some Pottery barn and Crate and Barrel stuff in there), Dillards. Other fav's are Costo, BJ's, TJ maxx, Ross, Marshalls.

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  1. You seem to have covered them all!! I agree about TJMaxx type stores for certain things & Costco for appliances. I'd add restaurant supply stores & Asian groceries. cheap cheap!! (and generally some good quality stuff)

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      As bbc said, you've hit a lot of the good places. I'd also recommend Tuesday Morning as a good outlet, but I also like - they have good sales sometimes, decent shipping costs, and an incredible selection of high quality products.

      Bridge Kitchenware
      49 Eagle Rock Ave, East Hanover, NJ 07936

      1. re: MMRuth

        bridge is an unbelievable place to buy stuff. when they have items on sale you get great pieces at great prices.

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          Yes - their sales are great - I bought a lot of my "big ticket" items from them when I lived in Miami - at one time they had really cheap shipping on heavy items.

        2. re: MMRuth

          I can't wait to go to New York so I can go there. Good old Martha always shops there. I did a google search and noticed they have a website.

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            I second Tuesday Morning. Some name brand things are unbelievably cheap there, but it's a total crapshoot as to what you'll find. I do also like Asian groceries for little bowls and mugs, sometimes knives and other odds and ends. If I need a specific thing, I hang on to my BB&B or Linens n Things coupons and just go get what I want.

            Absolute favorite place to shop is Kitchen Port in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        3. Got lots of Le Creuset there and my Cuisinart brick oven (free shipping!)... also shop the sales at Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. Le Creuset and Crate & Barrel outlets. Home Goods (like a huge TJMaxx without the clothes!) is fun, usually Costco for appliances, flatware, etc. But if I need something in a hurry I go to BB&B or a local cookware store called Great News.

          1. agree you have it all covered. had a question has anyone seen staub on sale ? looking for a 5 qt dutch oven. thanks

            1. All of the above, plus the Le Creuset Outlet. I could wander for hours in Great News!
              Even if I'm not buying anything I like to just hang out in these stores!

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              1. re: foodstorm

                Where are the Le Creuset outlets?? I need a dutch oven.

              2. Restaurant supply tores and Bed bath and Beyond.

                Ethnic groceries are always a good place to buy regional tools and cookware.