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Jul 26, 2007 01:24 PM

Fire of Brazil - French Quarter

I have previously dined at branches of the "competition", namely Fogo de Chao, and Texas de Brazil, and the "Fire of Brazil" doesn't compare. It's "generally OK" and with such a large space, might be fun for a private party, but it doesn't live up to its competitors.

Specifically, the salad bar selections aren't as deep @ Fire, and neither are the number of choices of meat. At the other similar chains, it has been my experience that waiters almost "hovered" nearby, ready to refill your plate, but at "Fire" in the French Quarter, the servers were few and far between. Several times I had to ask my waiter to send one by.

Finally, while the meat was "OK", it didn't seem up to the quality I have enjoyed at the competition.

We ate there on a Wed night at 6pm, they weren't very busy. Two people, two entrees, one drink each, including tip $120.

As I live in New Orleans, I just had a hankering for something "different". I won't be visiting, (or obviously recommending) "Fire" again.

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  1. dont bother just go to La Boca for the Argentine style food. hands down one of the years best