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Jul 26, 2007 01:00 PM

Breakfast Sandwich Challenge

Because of crazy work hours, I literally didn't have any food or drink at my place, so I've been buying all my meals on the run. Decided to make it a challenge: Monday Famima vs. Wednesday Starbuck's... both within a block at 8th & Figueroa downtown.

Famima, $4.85 for the egg, havarti cheese, spinach sandwich. Sounded so promising, but the break was tasteless, the cheese was charred on the grill (that's griller's error though), and really, no flavor. None.

Based on LA Times review, ordered the Starbuck's Forest ham Sandwich. At $2.85, was cheaper and tastier. Loved the muffin taste, ham was delish, egg was crispy on the edges. My complaints were my greasy hands, the ham was piled in the middle of the sandwich so that I had to take it apart and spread the ham out (making my hands greasier), and oh, the line out the door.

So, other than a farther walk and the wait, Starbuck's is the better value and I get the pleasure of not ordering coffee since we get Peet's in the office.

Fortunately, yesterday I finally stocked up on groceries at the new DT Ralph's...loved that I got do a whole lot of shopping without much a crowd. Hope it stays in business.

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  1. I never even noticed that Starbuck's has such a sandwich. A breakfast sandwich must have flavor. The Original Tommy’s Breakfast Sandwich has many flavors all woking together to wake you up. Maybe Tommy's has a location near you. This sandwich is worth a drive. However, about the greasy hands that you got after eating the Forest ham Sandwich..., well, lets say that with Tommy’s Breakfast Sandwich you may need a fork, knife, spoon, bib and a dozen napkins but it is worth it.

    At Tommy's I always request a English Muffin rather than a burger bun and I ask for everything on it -- a sausage patty, fried egg, chili, cheese, tomato, pickles, onions and mayonnaise. IMO the best breakfast in town -- an L.A. original and a great way to start a chowhound day.


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    1. re: JeetJet

      Who knew Tommy's had a breakfast sandwich when they don't even have fries (at least at the original location which I drive by each day)! Thanks for the tip.

      The greasy hands comment has to do with portability, but for a hearty morning starter, I can skip portability.

      1. re: lacaramon

        They only serve the breakfast sandwich 'til 10 or 11. Can't remember which. And it is impossible that there is a Tommy's that doesn't have fries. Their fries are terrific when ordered well-done.

    2. If I'm not eating breakfast at home, then its a Roast Beef Banh Mi and an avocado smoothie from Mr. Baguette.

      Mr Baguette
      8702 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770