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Jul 26, 2007 12:54 PM

food off the strip, las vegas

i have been working just west of the strip for the past few weeks. so far i've tried archi's thai, kj kitchen (chinese), fellini's (italian), opa (greek), kabob palace (med), mother's korean grill, a couple of pho places, many forgettable mexican joints, lots of sandwich/sub shops and a bunch more i don't remember.

i enjoyed archi's and kabob palace but i feel like i've already eaten my way through west vegas. i do enjoy eating on the strip and have been to many lovely restaurants but i need something more practical for everyday. i checked out rosemary's but i'd rather eat at a restaurant on the strip for that kind of money.

if anyone knows about good eats just west of the strip, that would be great. maybe we can swap restaurant recommendations.

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  1. "West of the Strip" where? That could encompass anywhere from Sahara to Tropicana, and there are tons of places to choose from.

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    1. re: Friend of Bill

      i am willing to drive anywhere between the strip and west toward the 215. all way north to charleston, south to the 215.

    2. hmmm - i think rosemary's value far outweighs what you'll get on the strip - have you tried mcmullans or sean patrick's for irish/bar food, nora's for italian, the many, many choices in chinatown, memphis bbq, hashouse a gogo for bk/lunch ? is there something in particular you are looking for ?

      1. Rincon de Buenos Aires on Spring Mountain between Lindell and Decatur on the north side of the street across from Southwest Gas in the same center as Cathay House. Try the sandwiches or one of the mixed grillls.

        Rincon De Buenos Aires
        5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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        1. re: Eric

          i went to eat at rincon de buenos aires last night. great food, relaxed place. i ordered the entrana with mashed potatoes. i will probably go back during lunch for one of their sandwiches. thanks for the suggestion!

        2. Lotus of Siam is just East of the Strip on Sahara and Commercial Center Dr. and is one of the best restaurants in town, and some of the best Thai in North America. The menu descriptions don't do the dishes justice so ask the server for recommendations. Don't be dissuaded by the run-down look of the place or the unfortunate neighborhood--the food is amazing. They have a great German-centered wine list as well.

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          1. re: Schultsc

            I'll vote for Lotus of Siam as well. A fantastic meal! Make sure to get reservations. I'd go back to Vegas simply to eat at this place. Staff very nice and helpful.


          2. thanks everyone for the suggestions. i am still in vegas and have tried many of your recommendations. so far

            memphis bbq - not impressed. but i went in expecting a lot because of a recent issue of LV weekly had named it one of the top 10 bbq joints. the meat was ok and the sides were.. blah. mashed potatoes came out in the form of an ice cream scoop and the green beans were limp and brown.

            nora's italian cuisine - just ok. my pasta was drenched in sauce and overcooked. will not be going back as service was very very slow.

            hash house - very good, but seems like any other chain-type place. maybe i ordered wrong - i got the grilled salmon salad.

            lotus of siam - oh wow. it was a spiritual experience. all those superlatives used on other posts and jonathan gold's recommendation as the "best thai in north america" made me a skeptic but now that i'm no longer a LoS virgin, i no longer think that anything said about LoS is an exaggeration. wow. i am drooling just thinking about my meal last night.

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              did you try hash house or hash house a go-go ...different places - the hash house ( do a search, i did a report on it with pics ) - very average - ago-go...i think their breakfast is one of the best in the valley...definitely one of the most creative....of course other breakfast places include the omelet house and the orginal pancake house....
              surprisingly, i found a huge difference in the food and service at the memphis bbq on rainbow v. the memphis ( i believe on warm springs ) bordering 7 hills/ gv area....have you tried bbq masters or m and m soul food ? happy hunting !

              1. re: kjs

                Another great option is Sen of Japan, located on Desert Inn & Durango - the chef was exec sous chef at Nobu for quite sometime and the food is wonderful - also fairly easy to get in.

                1. re: kjs

                  i went to hash house a go-go. it was good but as i was saying, didn't distinguish itself from other chain type places. for breakfast, i really enjoyed the cracked egg on rainbow.

                  i visited the memphis bbq location on rainbow and my dining partner had had a long day at work and ordered a gin/tonic. it came in a tall water glass and had no lime in it. i ordered a hefeweizen and had no lemon in it. i guess it might have been the very young server (probably a unlv student) but it was not a good way to start off. my ribs were fine but the sides (mashed potatoes and green beans) were terrible. has anyone tried/heard anything about the salt lick?

                  oh and what is the price range for sen of japan? it looks wonderful!

                  1. re: jwn

                    We had lunch a couple of times at the Salt Lick in the Red Rock. It was fine in those circumstances: taking a break from the tables. Tried the hot links and brisket. Brisket was dry. Hot links were ok. Still our lunches there were decent enough so that if you're in the area, maybe give it a shot, but keep your expectations moderate.

                    1. re: jwn

                      You should try TC's Rib Crib off of Desert Inn and Durango. It's one of those mom and pop shop. I like their bbq way better than Memphis and M&M.

                      1. re: htran73180

                        Yeah that place is pretty good - and big portions ( at least on the sandy's).

                        The only drawback is that it's kind of pricey for what it is. However I will say that it's some tasty 'Q.

                  2. re: jwn

                    >memphis bbq - not impressed.
                    Ditto! BIG DITTO! Oddly, the owner of that chain also owns 17th Street Bar & Grill, just named by Bon Appetite as the best restaurant in America to get ribs. Go figure.

                    Here's a couple of suggestions...
                    Jamms. Rainbow at Charleston, next to WaMu.
                    Hot N Juicy Crawfish. Oh my!
                    Prommares Thai Food, 6362 W Sahara Ave