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Jul 26, 2007 12:48 PM

Liberte Yogourt [moved from Home Cooking]

This brand just came in to our Co-Op (downtown only for Bloomington readers). On jillp's advice i picked up some today. OMG is this good. I am eating Plum and Walnut right now and I'm afraid i may not be able to stop at 1 container. It is made in Vermont for a Canadian company. Seek it out. I think I am going to be an addict.

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  1. The plain 2% Liberte is good enough to eat all by itself. Drain it and you have the best Greek-style yogurt ever. In Ontario they sell large tubs of it at Costco.

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    1. re: Nyleve

      You are so lucky, the CAlgary Costco has stopped carrying it. Absolutely, the best drained yogurt I can get my hands on here.

      1. re: alex8alot

        Oh rats! Every time I go to Costco I pray that they'll still have it. Some stores do and some don't, even in Ontario.

    2. Try the lemon flavour if you can get your hands on it... you won't be sorry!

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      1. re: tartiflette

        All they had was the Plum and Walnut which as I said wonderful, I also got Passionfruit and Peach and Black Raspberry. Maybe if it sells well they'll get more flavors in. No big containers which in my case was probably good. i can't wait for my ration tomorrow.

      2. If you get the chance try their Kefir. It is a fermented dairy product that is really good for the digestion and I am addicted. Their goat yogourt products are also really good. Favorite yogourt by far!


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        1. re: daily_unadventures

          The store is new, just opened in the past couple of weeks so all they are stocking now are those 3 yogurt flavors. Have to wait and see.

        2. My favorite is their Six Grains yogurt...with peach. YUM.

          1. Add me to the club. Liberte doesn't use HFCS. I felt lucky to have found it in Penn station, NYC though only for a limited time when I had counted of getting a small container of it for fuel as I head out on Long Island Rail Road for a work out. And yes, the Greek-style yogurt is delicious. Less rich than Fage, but way richer and smoother than any of th other brands. (I believe it was one of the place that sold soup and juices. Now they only have the everyday Dannon that taste bleh, with HFCS and lots of other junk, Bad decision!)