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Jul 26, 2007 12:47 PM

Group vacation food

Anyone have experience going on a vacation with a group of friends and dealing with buying/bringing/preparing the food?

My experience for a "fun weekend getaway in the mountains" is so far not fun based on the 75-100 emails back and forth about what should be brought, who will bring it, who will pay for it, who will eat/not eat it, etc.
This may be my last group vacation unless someone has some advice!!

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  1. Elect one or two persons (volunteer yourself?) to be responsible for food. Agree on a per/person budget or at least a "not-to-exceed.) Agree that the responsible party will do all menu planning and shopping within that budget and that's it, no more input.

    Everyone else can STFU, and focus on having fun.

    1. It can be pretty tough. Just went on a canoe trip. I took responsibility for all food (buying preparing packing etc) and we split the cost evenly - simply because I couldn't be bothered to deal with the back and forth. People could make special requests, which were accommodated. (But a canoe trip is also pretty different considering the challenge of no refrigeration and the fact that you need to carry all your food around and hang it from the you don't have as many options)
      If you don't want to take charge of all the food, then assign meals to people. If there is one person in particular who can't eat a lot of what's being suggested, then that person can bring alternatives for themselves.
      Personally, I find that snacks on these types of trips are pretty important...they can make up for a mediocre meal.
      Hope you have a good time

      1. we assign responsibility and schedule a meal for each "pod" or family or group including drinks. let people know how many adults and children they are preparing for. they are also responsible for clean up. it's great because not one "group" is strapped with everything. if people have food allergies, etc., they are responsible for having food for themselves that they can eat themselves.

        good luck.

        1. We travel only with like minded people in terms of food. One of the women and I do all the food planning, shopping, and cooking. We always have too much good food. We always have fun. We collect $ from others if needed. I always have a traveling kitchen ready to go.

          1. I went on a six day houseboat trip with two other families. Each family had to provide two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners. One meal per family per day. It worked out pretty well. The one picky eater on board looked a bit glum sometimes, but was polite. It was nice to have one family totally responsible for a meal, while the others goofed off.

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              This is a great plan. My trips with friends usually involve everybody bringing a ton of food and a lot of it being thrown away, lugged home or eaten out of guilt.