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Jul 26, 2007 12:32 PM

New Orleans Hound in Boston

Help! I know this is last minute but I will be in Boston for a very short weekend getaway. I can't stay long but really hope to leave with a great feel for the flavor of the city. I'm a New Orleans girl and I'm allllll about the food and drink. I'm staying at the Hilton Back Bay and going to a concert on Saturday in Fenway Park. Can I get reccomedations for:

1. Friday Dinner
2. Saturday Breakfast
3. Saturday Lunch - I'll be doing the freedom trail that morning
4. Staurday Dinner after the concert at Fenway
5. any really great bars nearby

Oh yeah - what would some good sites to see after lunch before I have to be back at the hotel at 5:00pm

Unfortunalely I come back home EARLY Sunday - hangover guaranteed


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  1. My practice is to not eat at all before going to NOLA, so I can eat more when I get there (Coop's on Decatur is almost always my first stop)!

    There's not a lot of great chow in the immediate vicinity of your hotel, but there is a lot of great chow within a 5-minute cab ride or a 15-minute walk.

    For Friday dinner, I recommend B&G Oyster, in the South End. Although you will be great offended at the prices we pay for oysters, you can get a great lobster roll, which you won't find at home, and other great seafood dishes. Neptune Oyster, in the North End, is a slightly more casual take on the same theme. The board is somewhat split between those who prefer B&G and those who prefer Neptune. Both are great; I prefer B&G.

    For Saturday breakfast, you can go to Eastern Standard Kitchen in Kenmore Square, but I'm gonna recommend you save ESK for after the concert. Sonsie, on Newbury Street, is not far from you and does a really nice breakfast.

    For Saturday lunch, head over to Parrish Cafe, on Boylston Street very close to the Boston Common and an easy walk from your hotel and from many parts of the Freedom Trail. Very creative and delicious sandwiches.

    After the concert, head over to Eastern Standard Kitchen, in Kenmore Square. It's likely to be VERY crowded, but they accept reservations. Another popular late-nite option is the Franklin Cafe, in the South End. It will be crowded, too, and they do not take reservations, so you'll have to hang out drinking at the bar while waiting for a table.

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      Thank you so much - I had lobster on my brain but I didn't want to limit myself - it's fate you mentioned it :)

      1. re: Blumie

        All good recs but I just need to add one suggestion to Saturday's breakfast: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, on Columbus Ave in the South End. They aren't open on Sunday, so if you want to go on the weekend, it has to be Saturday. Truly a Boston institution. You can grab a seat at the bar and watch the cooks grill up your breakfast. Very well known for their turkey hash but I LOVE their very simple but delicious french toast. Sonsie is a nice choice too, but a totally different experience --it's on Newbury St and a large part of it is about the experience and people watching. I was just thinking since she was a N'awlins girl she would be all about the food and the history, heavily on the substance, lighter on the style....
        Jen, you should also do a search on the board for some other great recs for Boston visitors. This is a question that gets asked a lot so there are a ton of posts with very relevant replies to your specific questions...

      2. Welcome! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

        Friday dinner - my vote would be pass on B&G and head to the North End. My favorite Italian restaurant in the North End is Prezza. Fabulous food and service.

        If you're looking for terrific local seafood I would head straight to Neptune Oyster, also in the North End.

        Saturday breakfast I'd probably grab and go cause I think the Freedom Trail walk will be a long one.

        For Saturday lunch I'd suggest you try Sel de la Terre on the waterfront. Slightly off the trail but worth the short diversion.

        Saturday dinner I'd hit up Eastern Standard in Kenmore. You'll need a reservation for sure and plan to wait a little bit too. If you can slither into the bar you'll be pleased. You'll find some of the best bartending in the city here. If you get really lucky maybe a couple seats will open up and you'll have Andy serving you.

        Chances are good that once you start having cocktails at Eastern Standard you won't want to leave. If you do want to hop in a cab I'd check out the scene in Cambridge at The B-Side Lounge or River Gods.

        Have a blast while you're here!

        1. Depending on the bars you like in NOLA (are we talking Checkpoint Charlies/Igor's, Maple Leaf, etc or actual nice bars), we migth be able to make some better suggestions. Bukowski's, right by your hotel on Dalton St., is a great beer bar with a trying-a-bit-too-hard-but-still-cool attitude going on. LOUD music.

          I'd try and head to Audubon Circle right after the concert but it might be a zoo. Still good, reasonaly priced food that serves late.

          Enjoy the Police!

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          1. re: Dax

            If we have the equivalent of Checkpoint Charlies or the Maple Leaf in Boston, I've yet to find it!

            1. re: Dax

              I'm a Monday night Maple Leaf kinda girl :) Thanks and I CERTAINLY will enjoy the Police - I've heard great things about concerts in Fenway but food and drink make or break vacations for me so I'm really excited to get good recs from ya'll

              1. re: JenLiff

                PGF night! Love it!

                With that info, I'll amend my recs to suggest Neptune Oyster on Friday night and the Franklin Cafe on Saturday night after the show. You can stop into Eastern Standard for a drink after the concert, but I think the vibe a Franklin will be more to your liking.

            2. Thanks for all the replies!!!

              I do have two other questions. Since I'll be eating late on Saturday, will I be able to get a hot dog at Fenway - during the concert - to hold me over? Is alcohol served at the park? Right now, I'm looking at all the menus and I'll let ya'll know where I'm going.

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                You'll be able to get food in the park but i'd recommend a sausage pepper and onion sandwich from one of the carts outside on your way in. With yellow mustard.
                I know you can get beer but they probably stop serving fairly early. Not sure about hard booze.
                Fenway is a great spot to see a game or concert. Saw the Stones there. Have fun.