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Jul 26, 2007 12:28 PM

Christine's, Ferndale, MI

I've heard that Christine's might be a good place to go for eastern european food (pirohi, etc). Any 'hounders or foodies have a take on this place? I'm gettin' hungry.

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  1. It's good. It's not going to blow your mind in my opinion, but neither is it going to tax your wallet, either. I've been to Christine's a few times, and I've never walked out disappointed, but I wasn't expecting four-star quality, either. It's a good, solid performer, and thankfully, it's off the beaten path of the bar-to-bar-to-bar area of Ferndale that is the 9 Mile and Woodward Ave. intersection.

    If you're wanting Polish food, I'd recommend the Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck first, but Christine's isn't bad at all. I'll give it the thumbs-up.

    1. agree. it's a decent place. kind of no frills, but the menu takes has a little oomph to it.

      if i am not mistaken, one of the original partners, natalia stewart, (not sure if she is there anymore) teamed with her former husband at the former "stewarts" on woodward, which later became the now defunct "agave"

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        Thanks for the feedback boaqman and xman887. The GW and I shall go. Not to put too fine a point on it, from the little research I've done, Christine's serves Ukrainian food, in addition to some non-Ukrainian dishes. But, I will keep in mind Polish Village Cafe for Polish foods.