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Private Dining - Financial District/SOMA

I am looking for a restaurant with a private dining room that can accommodate at least 40 guests for a sit-down dinner. This is for a Friday evening in mid-October. The ideal location is in the Financial District or SOMA. I would prefer to be close to The Palace Hotel if possible.

This is for a university alumni event - guests will be of various ages. I would like something that is fun, on the trendy side, but not suited for only the young/hipster crowd. Budget isn't too much of a concern but I don't want/need an extremely high-end restaurant.

I am planning this from Chicago and I am not very familiar with the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. TWO's close to the Palace and has a lot of private-dining options.

    22 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, CA 94105

    1. I would say Town Hall could accommodate, very San Francisco style place, warm interiors, brick, seasonal foods appealing to most everyone.

      Bong Su- has a lovely room, shared dishes, Modern Vietamese, fun spot-

      Azie- would be another good choice-fun, semi-hip, accelectic Asian style

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        I should of gave locations all of the above are SOMA

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          Thank you for these recommendations. I have already contact Town Hall and Azie and received responses back from them.

          I also have a call into Perbacco.

          If anyone else has any additional suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

        2. How about Perbacco? http://www.perbaccosf.com/

          They are in the heart of FiDi and a very short walk from the Palace

          1. Town Hall has a private room upstairs. It's about five blocks from the Palace Hotel.

            Town Hall Restaurant
            342 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105

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              Having been in the private upstairs dining room at Town Hall, I'd have to say it's a little small for 40 people. Even though it was December, the room quickly became overheated. Also, the acoustics in that room are horrible, and I could barely hear the person sitting next to me, much less anyone else at my table.

            2. Lulu is next door to Azie and has a seperate room that they rent out for private parties. I've always enjoyed the food (especially the mussels) and the wine list is great.


              1. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions.I have narrowed it down to several options and I would love some honest feedback. Again, this is for a sit-down dinner for approximately 40 guests. I am looking for a location fairly close to The Palace Hotel. Most of our guests will be locals so I want to avoid any major tourist destinations.

                One Market Restaurant
                Restaurant Lulu


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                  Oops. I should have replied to your last email. Please see above regarding Town Hall - too small, too warm, too noisy.

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                    If I were in your group, which I'm not, I'd prefer Rubicon, then Two. I'm not a huge fan of Lulu, always feel everything is waaaaay oversalted but others seem to like it. Their private room is more like a room to the side that they partition off, if that matters. I've been by, but not eaten in, the private room at Town Hall - yuck, not very nice looking. I'm not a huge fan of their food either, though.

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                      Strike that...Two is the re-make of Hawthorne Lane and is relatively new - certainly newer than any of the others on your list. Though I've not been, I would like to try it so I would put it at the top of that list and suspect that several of your guests will be in a similar position.

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                        I'd nix Town Hall as well. Although I haven't been there in about a year, I was there once in September and do not plan to go back because my dish was so oversalted. There were a few good dishes, but I'd choose any of the other places over Town Hall.

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                          Thanks so much for the feedback on Town Hall. It sounds like I should remove this from my list.

                          What about One Market? They seem to have a great space but I haven't received any feedback yet either good or bad.

                    2. Hotel Vitale - Americano has a back room but I'm not sure how many it holds

                      8 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

                      1. Jeanty at Jack's can handle groups that size in its third-floor room.

                        Jeanty At Jacks
                        615 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111