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Jul 26, 2007 11:59 AM

saturday lunch in media

Looking for a place to meet sister for saturday lunch in august. Any ideas?

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  1. I don't know if they're open for lunch, but the only place I miss since moving out of Media is Nooddi, the Noodle Bar. It's called Nadia Thai now. Excellent noodle dishes.

    1. I also highly recommend Nadia's. Just ate there last night actually. I'm also partial to the fish & chips at Sligo.

      1. I also like Nadia's, tho' know that from State St. the sign still stays Nooddi, so don't drive right by it.

        I also really like the sandwiches at Seven Stones Cafe, but it's more of a coffee shop atmosphere, so it depends what you're looking for (tho' it's a cozy type coffee shop and they do bring the sandwiches to you after you've ordered them at the counter). Their desserts look heavenly tho' I haven't had one, I think they're from LeBus Bakery (and they use La Colombe coffee).

        I've seen a couple of other interesting looking places but haven't tried them yet to vouch for them.

        1. If you are up for indian, Sheree E Punjab has a great buffet at lunch (even on weekends) for like $10/person.
          Another nice option is La Belle Epoque for brunch. I recommend the omelets and the salads.

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          1. re: artsandcrafts

            totally agree- the new indian place does have delicious buffet.

          2. Sheree e punjab is definitely a winner, the new panini shop on Jackson street is great too but no seating, also kofee korner is ok for a quick bite.

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            1. re: mygigson

              where is the new panini shop? my office is at 2nd & Jackson.