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Jul 26, 2007 11:59 AM

Good Mexican in the Chicago Burbs?

I'm looking for a good Mexican place to take my parents to in the Chicago suburbs. Price is not really a factor (we like everything from incredibly cheap to high-end) but it has to be in the suburbs. Even though I know there is tons of great Mexican in the city, my parents will refuse to go there. If it's close to the La Grange area, that's a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. Salbute is upscale Mexican in Hinsdale and is very good.

    1. I would hit:

      Amanacer Tapatio
      700 Ruby Street
      Joliet, IL.

      Its byob, and some of the better food around.

      No offense, but I wouldnt even consider Salbute, I had lunch there about a month ago, and I thought the food was mediocre , and pretty expensive for what we ate. Also it is a tiny place with maybe 10 tables max. Perhaps it is better for dinner, but I know I will not return for lunch.

      Good luck with your search

      1. We've also got Fuego here in Arlington Heights which is pretty decent.

        1. I strongly recommend this place which specializes in creative Mexican seafood dishes - it's WONDERFUL, outstanding in every way:

          Flamingo’s Seafood
          1590 S Busse Road
          Mt Prospect, IL 60056

          Location: Corner of Busse and Dempster, ½ block east/north of Algonquin. Very close to the Northwest Tollway I-90 (and not far from O'Hare Airport); use the Elmhurst Road exit from westbound I-90, the Arlington Heights Road exit from eastbound I-90.

          You can read more about it here:

          Other good Mexican places in the suburbs include Lupita's in Evanston, El Tipico in Skokie, and La Casa de Isaac in Highland Park, but those three suburbs are not as convenient to LaGrange as Mount Prospect is. And besides, Flamingo's is doing something much more unique. It's a very special place, a real "culinary gem".

          1. There is a Mexican place on Madison Street in Forest Park which I tried and it was outstanding - kind of pricey, but the flavors make me want to come back over & over again. It's on the North side of Madison, perhaps 1 block East off Harlem. It's known for the owner saying "oh my God" at least a dozen times when he goes over the menu.

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              The New Rebozo, or as us old time Oak Parkers call it "El Rebozo"
              1116 Madison St
              Oak Park, IL 60302
              (708) 445-0370