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angulas or spanish baby eels

can anyone recommend a spanish restaurant in new york city that prepares fresh angulas/baby eels with the traditional oil/garlic/red pepper?

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  1. Solera-angulas-50 grams-$50 or 100 grams-$100
    Bar Carrera-angulitas made from surimi-$4

    1. I don't know of any, but Despana carries tins of them for $50.

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        408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

      2. Angulas are my favorite delicacy. We discreetly refer to them as baby eels, when in fact they are unborn eel. Fresh in the US does not exist; fresh/frozen is scarce at about $50/ounce wholesale. I am unaware of any stateside restaurant that serves the fresh/frozen. The 4 oz. tins packed in olive oil have jumped from $50 to $80 in the last year. That is the best you can hope for, but prepared as you indicate are delicious.

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          thank you for your help and insight.

        2. El Cid has them sometimes as a special...

          1. Pintxos on Greenwhich street has gulas.

            1. I have to contradict an earlier post. Elvers/Angulas are not unborn eels. They are eels that have been born in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda and have made their way back across the Atlantic to Europe or up the East Coast of the US back to the rivers where their parents came from.

              1. Ten Bells, 247 Broome St, makes wonderful angulas.

                The Ten Bells
                247 Broome St, New York, NY 10002

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                  I was curious so I looked at their menu - at $7, these are not real angulas - they are most certainly made of surimi or something else, so I'm not sure if that will satisfy the OP's request.

                  I have never seen real angulas here in the US. They are incredibly expensive in Spain and I can only imagine how much more they'd be if they made it here (not unlike the ridiculous mark up on jamon)

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                    I think you are right - we were probably served surimi. We looked into buying angulas - Despana lists them at $170 for 100 grams. However Despana also told us that angulas are not available due to a fishery ban in Spain.
                    Emily at Ten Bells told us the product they used came frozen, not canned. From what we've read angulas come frozen and surimi are canned, so who knows?