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Jul 26, 2007 11:53 AM

Recommendations for Peach Farm

Hi there,

Am heading to Peach Farm tonight, have never been but I know lots of you on the board are big fans. I've been reading the posts and people recommend all kinds of stuff...the clams in black bean sauce come to mind. Was wondering if those of you who've been there many a time or those who just remember a great meal could recommend anything. I am willing to be adventurous.


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  1. I think that Peach Farm's hot and sour soup is about the best in Boston, so if you like that, get a cup for starters. If you like flounder, the Peach Farm house special Flounder (which is in the little yellow menu they give you along with the main menu) is excellent. Shrimp and Walnuts is great if you like Shrimp without a lot of sauce around it. Their Spinach in Garlic Sauce is excellent. The Orange Crispy Beef is one of the best renditions I've had, as well.

    Do yourself and stay away from any of the "traditional" American-Chinese dishes, like fried rice, sweet and sour anything, General Tso's anything, etc.

    Also, I usually look at what the Chinese people are having, and if it looks good, I'll ask my waiter about it. Sometimes those items aren't on the English menu.

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      great, thank you! The flounder interests me, I don't usually order fish at chinese restaurants but know that this is a different story, so I kind of want to.

      thanks again!

    2. they make a great half roast duck. tons of meat

      1. They are pretty good with the fryer so anything fried tends to be cook. S&P shrimp comes to mind. Some like the giganormous steamed oysters in black beans sauce but they taste like gross and sand to me.

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          I agree - the S & P seafood dishes are great. I've also had good lobster (e.g., wiht scallions and ginger) and they make some nice whole fish preparations.

        2. I'd recommend any of these...also the stir fried pea pod stems, squid w/ginger scallions.

          They do do a good job with frying..s&p shrimp, squid, soft shell crabs if they're still in season.

          1. the clams in black bean sauce are great.
            also loved the "spicy dry fried salted squid" which we rechristened "four-adjective squid."
            we tried the lobster in ginger and scallion, which was ok. i think we erred in skimping on the weight (got a 1.5 pounder) which meant a pittance of meat. While good enough, it reminded me of a less delectable version of the giant dungeness crab dish at Thanh Long in SF.