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Jul 26, 2007 11:48 AM

White Sangria [Moved from Tristate Region]

Does anyone know the recipe for white sangria from IBERIA'S restaurant in the
Iron Bound district of Newark, NJ

If you do please post.


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  1. We used to get the white sangria at The Spanish Sangria in Newark. It was very good. It is probably similar. I remember it having, white wine, brandy, orange juice, and possibly something else like a splash of 7 up, + the usual orange, apple, and a few marishino cherries. We always asked for it without sugar. Hope this is a bit helpful.

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    1. re: michele cindy

      Thanks Michele,
      My friends told me approx. what was in it about 9 years ago and I
      expierimented with it at that time and came up with a recipe.
      I have been making it all these years and now I really would like
      to know what is reall in it and how much to put in.
      yours is not far off. I use Brandy, white wine, white rum, triple sec, tropicana orange juice and for sugar I use some peach nectar.
      It works for me.
      Thank I really appreciate your input.

      Alex (robroy5man)

      1. re: robroy5man

        triple sec! That's it. That was the one item I left out. Also, if you ask, the bartender may tell you. That's how we started making ours at home. OR - just watch them make it in front of you. By asking with no sugar in it, they will need to make something from scratch. Sometimes they have them prepped on busy nights.

    2. I was just at Iberias last Saturday & had the White Sangria and asked them how they make it. The waiter told me, it has White Wine, Orange Juice, Sprite, Triple Sec, Brandy, Rum, and apples & oranges. He didn't give me the proportions, so if anyone has them let me know.

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      1. re: pattycake08

        Whoa, that sounds delicious! I can happily experiment with those ingredients. Thanks for sharing.

      2. None of you are correct with the secret Iberia sangria recipe I used to bartend at Iberia the recipe is NOT wine the secret to the sweetness is port white or red that is why the hangover is soooo brutal...its port, brandy ,bacardi, 7up,orange juice no triple sec you can add it but its not necessary all it is is sugar and theres more than enough within the other ingredients

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        1. re: dawnabela

          What you say makes PERFECT sense, and explains the giant gallon bottles with the labels ripped off! (and the brutal hangover!)
          Any idea what the proportions are? I'm guessing the Port is Carlo rossi, or some other cheap kind?
          Wow, I almost have the recipe :)