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Jul 26, 2007 11:42 AM

Creative thoughts on wine for my butt (pork, that is)?

So, my pork butt has been cooking low and slow for a couple of hours (smoked with oregano, garlic, olive oil) and will be served with a tomato-based BBQ sauce for slathering/dipping. Any creative recs for pairing other than the more obvious thoughts of Zin/Syrah? I'm curious to paint outside the lines here...

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  1. Tavel rosé seems like it would work.

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    1. re: mengathon

      I'd think a smoky Malbec from Argentina would work nicely. The Archaval-Ferrer "entry-level" Malbec (2005) is $20-25 depending on where you live and is an interesting wine that delivers those trademark Argentine malbec tastes of earth, tar and leather.

      The Benmarco malbec is also pretty good. (I seem to remember enjoying the 04 a few times).

      There are dozens of good Malbecs to choose from...

      If you don't want a chewy Malbec, how's about a Mouvedre or, better yet, a GSM (Grenache/Syrah/Mouvedre?) Both the Rhone and certain Australian regions excel with this blend; I enjoyed the Rosemount 2003 and particularly enjoyed the GSM from Stonehorse (2004 vintage I believe).

    2. Riesling, gewurtzraminer, something bubbly...

      1. Chinon. Real Lambrusco. Big Rhones.

        Did you look at this topic?

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I stay stick with the Zin idea or a Sangiovese.

        2. Thanks for all the thoughts...went with the 2003 Tir Na N'og (grenache, and one of my favorites - grab it if you can find it) and a NV Heidsieck. An eclectic mix, but really worked.

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          1. re: mattyb

            I was going to recommend the very same... had it at a friend's house recently with smoked ribs. It was delicious... must have been considering we polished off 4 bottles of it! I look forward to getting it myself.

            1. re: cjc519

              me, too - grenache was my 1st choice.

          2. Hey Matty...

            Zin and Syrah are great choices... if you want a third, look at Tempranillo, excellent with BOTH pork and BBQ....

            As for "painting outside the lines", the single-biggest suggestion I'd give you with the Zin match is to add a hint of parmesan-reggiano to the mix... or just serve pork BBQ sands or platters with a nice dusting of parmesan... you'll triangulate the dish (wine-bbq pork-cheese) and your taste buds will love you for it.