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Jul 26, 2007 11:27 AM

Red Velvet Cake

Looking to buy a buy red velvet cake? Thanks.

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  1. Buttercup Bakeshop on 2nd Ave btw 51st and 52nd St.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I second that. The red velvet cupcakes are SOOOOOOO good.

    2. I've heard Amy's red velvet cake is good. I haven't had it, but I've liked the other cakes I've had from there.

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      1. re: Lucia

        meaning Amy's Bread i assume (& agree)

        47th/9th & Chelsea Market locations (1 other too?)

        1. re: holland_oats

          Yes. There's another location on Bleecker St.

        2. re: Lucia

          upon recs from these boards, I got my bday red velvet cake from Amy's and was disappointed. the cake itself was delicious, but the frosting tasted like straight butter, and was so gross we scraped it off. bummer!

          1. re: chompchomp

            It's interesting. They never use the proper cream cheese frosting, but their vanilla is normally good. last week i got a cup cake there and i had the same experience with the frosting, just wiped it all off. it basically tasted like whipped butter.

            1. re: jdream

              Oh my - I concur. I bought a slice and couldn't wait to dig in. Imagine my disappointment when I bit into the cake and tasted butter! It completely ruined the rest of the flavor of the cake and I had to scrape the buttercream off to enjoy the cake by itself, which, without the cream cheese frosting, was not as enjoyable as it could have been.

        3. Two Little Red Hens. Absolutely fantastic. I *believe* they sell them at Balducci's (I know they carry the red velvet cupcakes).

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          1. re: danoots

            I also love Two Little Red Hens - the cream cheese frosting is essential! I bought red velvet elsewhere and was upset when I bit in and the frosting was buttercream.

            1. re: Leebird

              Balducci's sells Two Little Red Hens' cakes and cupcakes. Also Rue Bourbon on Hudson sells Make My Cake's red velvet cake. Both are quite good, but the upper hand goes to Make My Cake's at Rue Bourbon.

          2. Make My Cake in Harlem. Very traditional recipe, the best in town. Just like what we used to eat "back home" down South. Unfailingly moist.

            7th Avenue/aka Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd at West 116th St.

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            1. re: LilKitchenDiva

              i agree re buttercup. there is a W72 st location as well. the red velvet cupcakes are great - both cream and cakewise. however, for the cake slices, they tend to skimp out on the cream . there's no cream on the back of the cake and very, very thin cream layers in between each layer.

              1. re: LilKitchenDiva

                Hell yeah, on Make My Cake in Harlem. But it's my second favorite -- Brooklyn's Cake Man Raven is the #1 resource for red velvet. Huge, rich, moist slices of yum.

              2. Billy's Bakery, their banana cake w/ cream cheese is excellent as well!