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Jul 26, 2007 11:25 AM

Birthday, BYOB, and 20-30 people

Any suggestions on all of the above in and around the northside of chicago? Let me know if you need more info though.... Thanks folks!

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  1. also... the group just did Tango Sur so something other than even though it was a great time. Also, if possible, not Italian or Mexican.

    1. I would be curious to feedback for good BYOB places for large parties as well. I am planning something for about 15 people. Any places below $50/person?

      1. My best friend had a birthday party in the back room at Riques a year or so ago. It is BYOB, reasonable priced, and the food is yummy.

        It changed ownership recently, but I understand the new owner doesn't plan to change anything.

        Riques' Regional Mexican
        5004 N Sheridan Rd
        Chicago, IL 60640
        (773) 728-6200

        1. I think most of the good Thai places are BYO (Spoon, TAC, Sticky Rice, etc). Its not on the North-side, but Lao Szechuan in China Town was BYO last time I went (they previously served alchohol, so it might be good to call ahead fits to check). Also, Kan Zaman is a good BYO Lebanese restaurant in near north (around 500 N Wells St) with a Binny's within a 5 minute walk.

          1. Think Cafe on Western (near Fullerton) has terrific and sophisiticated Italian. It's BYO. The restaurant has several separate dining areas, so they may be able to accomodate a group in a private space.

            For Spectra, if Latin/Mexican is OK, think about Los Nopales on Western (the bargain of the century, great specials) and Dorado (consistently excellent food, Mexican with a modern and eclectic flavor) on Foster. Both BYO, both have very nice and accomodating owners.