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Good Yorkville restaurant with outdoor seating?

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I'm looking to take a friend who's visiting to dinner, and was hoping to go to Yorkville and sit somewhere outside. Anywhere not too expensive?

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  1. Hemingway's. Food is not expensive and is pretty good - upscale pub food. A happening late 20's/30's crowd in the evenings.

    1. Also, Michelle's Brasserie.

      1. Dimmi has a small patio at the front, and if you're seated in the backroom, you could ask to be seated by the open windows onto Yorkville Mews. The food is Italian, the quality is reliably good, the prices are reasonable, the wine list adequate, and the service unpretentious. I like it. Caren's Wine Bar has a small patio out front, as well.

        1. If you're willing to go just a little further west beyond Yorkville proper, the Bedford Academy has a lovely patio and their food is good as far as pub grub goes. They're just north of Bloor St on Prince Arthur, between Avenue and Bedford Rds.

          The food at Hemingway's is often inconsistent... and if you arrive after 6pm on a sunny day, good luck getting a seat!

          1. Hemiways is too pubby for me and their patio with all of the roofing an piping and crammed tables just does not give me the outdoor vibe i want on a patio. I would suggest Cafe Nervosa or Dimi. both Italianish and reasonable prices Dimi is hard to get a patio seat...

            Also Carens wine bar has a great patio in the back that is secluded from all teh street noise or tehir front patio if you are wanting to watch the beautiful people..

            1. Cafe Nervosa has a street level patio, a 2nd floor patio, and one little table for only two patio off the front if you're lucky enough to get it. Very reasonably priced. If you're two women who aren't big eaters, you can get away with splitting a salad & pizza and still be fairly satisfied I've found.

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                Avoid Carens. I was there last week. There was an obnoxious drunk patron, and the servers kept fulfilling his requests for more wine. They should have ended the liquor service to him. We eventually moved to a table inside, to avoid him. Service was horrible. Server took back lunch menus given to 2 of 3 of us in error, but never replaced them with dinner menus. We ended up sharing one menu. Server got 2 orders wrong, and suggested that it was guest's mistake not hers. Didn't bring reqested water, etc. She rarely came to table. Food quality was average, poor for the price charged.