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Jul 26, 2007 11:12 AM

New Canaan, CT - lunch places

We are visiting New Canaan on Saturday to go antiquing & see the Glass House. We are arriving by Metro North. Could someone please recommend a good lunch place in the downtown are of New Canaan? Thanks

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  1. Rosie is a great little eat in or take out place...a little gourmet of everything..wonderful, beautiful desserts

    1. Ching's Table right on Main Street is good Asian. Thali, practically next door, is good Indian.

      1. What type of food, and what price range? A number of choices, all walking distance from the station and the staging area.

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          Hi- we are looking for a nice relaxing lunch place, may be with some local ambiance. Thanks to all who answered!!

        2. First good luck and enjoy the Glass House. No pictures can adequately convey the magnificence of Johnson's vision as when you stand in the middle and do a 360. Be prepared for some pretty interesting emotions.

          Afterwards the choices for lunch in downtown NC are:

          Not Sandwiches and walking away from the train station:

          - Sole - high endest place for some wood fired pizzas or lunch "specials." during the week the specials are normally in the low teens. Next to the movie house.
          - Taste of Asia - pretty basic chinese. if you're coming from the city, nothing special
          - Sushi 25 - Very good asian and sushi place a little further down the street on the left past the movie theatre. Same owners as Ching's Table
          Keep walking and make a left (Ivy Lane on the corner) and walk a block north:
          - Ching's Table (across the street) - Higher end asian fusion. usually voted best chinese in FFD county
          - Plum Tree - best sushi in FFD county but downstairs with a little garden in the back.
          - Thali - (Across from Ching's/Plum) - Considered by many of jfood's friends as a good Indian, jfood not a big fan.
          Al little further up and a quick right left onto Forrest Street you have:

          - Gates - Good wide range of sandwiches and entrees
          - Tequilla Mockingbird for some mid-range Mexican
          And if you eat on Forrest keep going for some great gelato down near the Ford dealership.

          If it's sandwiches jfood agrees that Rosies is you best bet and sit outside and people watch for a while.

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            Thank you so much for your wonderful reply. Marty

          2. Plum tree is amazing japanese. I've been all over, but out of japan and NYC this place is one of the best.