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Jul 26, 2007 11:11 AM

Alternatives to Una Pizza Napoletana

I have become a fan of UPN after several visits. However, they are only open Thursday through Sunday at night. I also credit Anthony Mangieri with inspiring a new generation of pizzaiolos. So if you like UPN you'll also like Luzzo's around the corner and newly opened Isabella's Oven on Grand on the LES. I still need to get to Franny's in Brooklyn. Going to Old Forge Pennsylvania this weekend to check out the self-proclaimed "Pizza Capital of the World". Living in NY and having been to New Haven and Rome (but unfortunately not Napoli), I'm slightly skeptical.

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  1. Not sure if Franny's will add much to your nyc area pizza experience, but with all the hype I guess you have to try it. I found it to be lacking in all areas and more like a nice bread than a good pizza.

    Funny story. Went to Dar Bafetto in Rome this summer and ate next to a nice Canadian family. We all got to talking and agreed that while it was very good pizza, it was not the best either of us had ever had.

    We decided that, regardless of anything else, the best pizza is always what you're used to at home.

    Having said that, I still love DiFara's, UPN, John's, Grimaldi's, and even some of the less hyped joints. Guess that next I have to get to Luzzo's.

    1. try the margherita classica at fornino in williamsburg.

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        wrong board, but I second Fornino's (right outside L stop)

      2. #28 Carmine. Very underrated and not the scene that is Una Pizza.. .

        1. La Pizza Fresca....rarely mentioned, but high quality wood-fired pizza.....

          31 East 20th Street
          between Park Ave. So. & Broadway

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            La Pizza Fresca -- that's the daddy. Also Ottimo on 24th btw 6th and B'way.

          2. Isabella's Oven
            365 Grand Street , east of essex st.
            reviewed on Slice