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Jul 26, 2007 10:27 AM

Delivery Options, BoCoCa.

having just moved, i need to restock my delivery options- i am now located off smith street.
which places are best for delivery? which places to avoid?


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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. For Indian, I would go with Raga. There are plenty of options but they seem to be the most consistent. For Thai, my favorite is Em Thai. I know lots of people really like Joya, but I've never eaten there. I really like Chance. It's Chinese with a twist. But beware, it's not as cheap as most Chinese take-outs - it's a nice sit-down restaurant and the prices reflect that. Italian: I never order Italian for delivery because it's one of those things I prefer to cook myself or eat in a restaurant. But I think people here swear by Fragole. For Middle Eastern try Zaytoon's or Bedouin Tent. I think Zaytoon's is better. I can't think of one decent place for typical Chinese food. They are all mediocre or worse.

    Now for pizza. I hope someone else responds, because I would love to find a good pizza delivery place and so far I've been disappointed. I'm talking about regular old pizza, not brick or coal oven - for that I'd go with Savoia or Lucali.

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      We had delivery from Sal's earlier this week and were pleasantly surprised. The pizza arrived warm -- almost hot -- with a crisp crust, nice thin layer of sauce, and fresh toppings. We're Lucali die-hards too (even on some of the pre-AC, pressure cooker days earlier this summer), but sometimes you just want delivery. For a delivery pie Sal's was perfectly serviceable. Word is that Layla Jones does a decent delivery pie, too, but they refused to deliver to us (in their delivery zone) the first time we called -- we have never called back.

      1. re: jmh

        My Little Pizzeria on Court between Atlantic and State does a perfectly respectable typical NY pie. For an extra two bucks you can get it with fresh mozzarella

        1. re: deepyarn

          I also recommend Nino's on Henry and Union for pizza, chicken parm etc. Good standard New York slice.

      2. re: hercules q. einstein

        For chinese, your best bet is to order from Park Slope. Hunan Wok and Hunan Delight both deliver into that area to some degree and are better than anything on Smith or Court.