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Jul 26, 2007 09:57 AM

Silent H = YUM

I highly HIGHLY reccomend Silent H, a newish restaurant in Williamsburg (on North 8th and Berry)...where Oznot's Dish used to be.

My boyfriend and I have been there twice in as many weeks and we've gotten out of the restaurant both times for less than 50 dollars (with us both ordering appetizers and a main course...or a lot of tapas).

Not to be missed is the green papaya salad with pork belly and the spicy beef carpaccio.

The decor leaves a lot to be desired...the stools are a little hard on the butt and they took out a lot of the charming things in that space.


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  1. I ate at Silent H this weekend. I can't second your endorsement.

    The food was overpriced, the portions were minuscule, and (worst offense by far) it wasn't good or even really Vietnamese. Apparently there is no fish sauce in the Silent H kitchen.

    The beef carpaccio was ok, but nowhere near the super-spicy state that the menu warned about in red type. The green papaya salad was tasteless, and the "papaya" came in tiny, pale, bland shreds. It was more like a cole slaw with no seasoning.

    For blah food in small portions, I'd at least like a reasonable price. I had to go get a slice of pizza after my expensive "dinner" because I was still empty. Boo.

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      I gotta say...they've really gone down in quality since they've been getting much busier. The portion on the carpaccio has never been huge but its a tapa...

      I now only reccomend this place on weekdays early since its been "ruined" by such good word of moth publicity as well as the love of TONY.

    2. I really liked this place. I liked the decor too. It is quiet, cozy, and the staff is courteous and helpful. Hard to find in Williamsburg. If your looking for exact, authenticity yeah maybe not your place.. this is a expansion on Vientnamese cuisine. I think they make that clear too.