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Jul 26, 2007 09:45 AM

Calgary Cocktails

Can one find good cocktails in this city? You know, a bar where if I mention a caipirinha I won't get a dumb stare, but instead will have a discussion about the lack of cachaca in the country?

Do any local bartenders make their own bitters/liqueurs/infusions?

I'll admit I haven't really looked for a cocktail bar yet, this post is the first step in my quest.

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  1. Nicole mixes well at the Marquee room on 8th ave.

    Also Ming has always been excellent with interesting/uncommon/obscure beverages.
    Haven't been in for a while but it used to be a fave place to drink.17th ave between 4th and 5th.

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    1. re: formerlyfingers

      murietta's has good cocktails too, and tribune when they re-open. i think you might do alright at vintage or belvedere too.

      i like ming - they've got some good drinks

      1. re: pants

        It's actually illegal for restaurants or bars to infuse their own liquor here. Against health code. Seems strange to me too. But it's also against health code to polish cutlery and glassware as well...

        As for a good place to go for cocktails, the River Cafe has some very unusual cocktails on their menu. All the mixes are generally organic. Cafe Koi has some great ones too.

        1. re: ennui

          Damn health regulations...

          Oh well.

          Thanks a lot for the recommendations folks! Now I'll have to try to get out and do some taste tests.

    2. i'll second the ming recommendation. You should also check out the Raw Bar at hotel arts. We were there last night for after-dinner cocktails and really enjoyed their martinis. Vicious Circle's recently been lightly renovated, and they have an incredibly long martini list.