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Jul 26, 2007 09:29 AM

Coffee shop/house near Groton Ct.

I'm moving to Groton Ct next month, and I am looking for a coffee house/shop in the area. I started with Starbucks in Seattle years ago, but they have become too much the chain. I prefer local, independent places which are open in the evening and where you can sit for a while and read, or chat with friends. Also where you can stop in the morning and get your starter cup.

Anyone know of anyplace like that in the area?

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  1. In New London on Bank Street is Muddy Waters Cafe which is a cool independant coffehouse but I don't know if this is too far away for you

    1. Muddy Waters in NL definitely great. I grew up in Groton till high school in East Lyme and have lived on both sides of the bridge (if yr not familiar with the area, there are twin bridges over I-95 between Groton and points east (Mystic, Stonington, Foxwoods Casino) and New London and points west (Waterford, Niantic, East Lyme, Mohegan Sun Casino). The big issue for many is crossing the bridge, especially in rainy or winter weather. (It's a psychological divide too, as I'm sure you'll find out.)

      Your best bet for unique, individual coffees is downtown New London, all within walking distance of The Parade (Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the intersection of Bank and State Streets). Explore - I haven't been up there for a few months, and every week another coffee place/bistro opens up. One place for great coffee and lunch (with wired Internet) is the New England Java House at the west end of Bank Street where the downtown district begins. The black-and-white mocha was KILLER! and the food great.

      There's not much in Groton that I can recall except for Dunkin Donuts; Groton's a spread-out town (some great eats at Paul's Pasta Shop down on Thames Street, btw) and the boho scene centers around NL and (to a lesser extent) Mystic.

      If you're in Stonington Borough (definitely a weekend trip) try The Yellow House. A bit of an attitude (deservedly, IMO) but the service and food and coffee are consistently excellent.

      A good location for yr starter cup on a workday depends largely on where you're working due to the commute direction (and the bridge). If you're working in New London, easy. If you're in Groton, well... Dunkin Donuts is not _that_ bad and it's a big Southern New England tradition - show up at your cubicle with a box of Munchkins and watch how many friends you make. <g>

      Best of luck with your move. SE Connecticut is a foodie paradise!

      1. The Village Beanery on the edge of Old Mystick Village is a nice little independant place with a small porch. Great coffee, too!

        1. Bartelbys in Mystic is very good. or the green marble also in mystic has always been one of my favorites.

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            Do you know what happened to the Green Marble output in Westerly? It was my daily fix for a long time - their Italian Sumatra is killer - but the shop is closed up. There always seemed to be happy folks in there and the coffee beans moved so I wonder why they're gone?

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              Hi, I own The Green Marble in Mystic and owned The Green Marble in Westerly. I'm sorry we had to close in Westerly but we are still roasting our own coffees and selling them in our Mystic Ct. location. Hope to see you there

          2. There is a brand new place in New London called Bean & Leaf. They said they've been open about a week when I stopped in today. The coffee was decent and the WiFi was fast - no refills though. They seem to be trying to schedule live music for the evenings. Their website is located here: