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Jul 26, 2007 09:26 AM

"old world" biscotti (moved from Manhattan)

I'm looking for a great source of biscotti like I remember.
Crunchy, not too sweet, almonds and a bit of cinnamon.

The closest I've found (although somewhat inconsistent) is Barratas now DeFao in Nesconset.

Anyone have a bakery recommendation in Manhattan (or of course Bronx or Brooklyn)?
Osteria Glesi's on Ninth are very good.

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  1. Although not exactly biscotti ... the anisette toast at DeRobertis Bakery (1st Avenue between 10-11th Streets) is quite different and very tasty -- they make theirs with big almonds for extra crunch. Really crunchy -- break your teeth crunchy. I've never found another bakery anywhere that puts in the almonds. Just writing about them is making my mouth water. Don't bother with anything from Vaniero's which is around the corner. It's all "for show" and everything stinks.

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      I think there's a new biscotti place in the meatpacking district but I don't know the name.

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        I thought it was only me that was unimpressed with Vans

        1. There are lots of classic Italian biscotti to be found in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. I favor the vanilla with almonds and cinnamon variety, too. My favorite is at Caputo's Bakery on Court Street between Sackett and Union Streets. There are also really good biscotti at Court Pastry on Court Street between Degraw and Douglass, at Cammareri Brothers on Court between Union and President, and at Mazzola on Union at Henry Street.

          These are all close to each other so you could have an ultimate biscotti death match.

          F. Monteleone Bakery & Cafe
          355 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Mazzola Bakery
          192 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Caputo Bakery
          329 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Court Pastry Shop
          298 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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              Yes, definitely Court Pastry! And amazing ossi de morti too, and homemade italian ices in season. Please patronize the Carroll Gardens bakeries so we don't lose any more of them (RIP College Bakery on Court St)...

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                Wow, nice post! Thanks for all the place markers!

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                  Court was definitely the winner.
                  Mazzola 2nd. Monteleone 3rd and Caputo last.
                  Court has a little orange and anisette flavor to theirs and quality almonds.
                  Mazzola's were very different but closer to the taste I was originally looking for though not the texture. Monteleone was great texture, but not quite the flavor.
                  Caputo wasn't very anything. I'll make the trip again and sample again to see their consistency and in the meantime, try to get my recipe closer.